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Once again, I must confess that I once enjoyed Rachel Maddow’s rendition of the news. I was pleased to follow her exploits nearly every night. This was before I understood just how skewed her view of the world is and how much her view of the news is a manifestation of her personal liberal bias toward nearly everything deemed conservative, Republican, or Trumpian.

Confessing again this vast ignorance I had of what is real and what is not when it came to announcing the news, I followed Maddow because I enjoyed her positive energy, nearly all of it aimed at denouncing all those men and women, especially conservative men and women and Republicans, who did not think like her, act like her or posture as she does about the issues great and small confronting mankind.

Bottom line, I have come to almost revile Maddow’s interpretation of the news.

Her nightly show is a stupendous instance of the ridiculous and the lopsided.

It is so completely and utterly liberal, that it fails to have another side except for the one she is on and which she sells on air.

To attempt to regurgitate examples of her poor news behavior would be as utterly foolish as an attempt to explain her show and what it is all about.

I know what it is not all about — that is being fair — is what it is not all about at all in any way whatsoever.

What is fair for her is not fair for me and in order for the news to be fair, it must be fair for those who think as she does as well as for those who don’t think the way she does.

Here is the rub.

She is so consistently annoyingly, almost perversely liberal that anyone having a different point of view is considered a modern Nazi.

You are forced to either think as she does and express yourself as she does and agree with everything she says or you are the enemy.

This is what MSNBC has become.

She is to the left what Göbbels was to the Nazis.

She goes on and on and on  as though she knows what she’s talking about — when in fact — not knowing what she is talking about has ever caused her to stop talking at length about it.

Listening too Maddow every night viewers will come away with a view of the world that is not the world we live in.

Viewing Maddow every night and viewers will become like the fellow that ate every night at McDonald’s for a year only to die of malnutrition.

She his to MSNBC what Hannity is to Fox, only I think Hannity is more honest and less outrageous.

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Harvey Weinstein, Senator Al Franken, Richard Dreyfuss, Kevin Spacey, Judge Roy Moore. (Robyn Beck / AFP via Getty Images | Pablo Martínez Monsivais / AP | John Shearer / | Netflix, Inc. | Brynn Anderson / AP)

Looking at our lives: sexual harassment and ruination of lives in media kangaroo court

Josh Resnek

The most important liberal issues of the era have been pushed aside by an awakened giant — the issue of sexual harassment of women.

This race car speedy type rise of this issue to national prominence has pushed aside climate change, homosexual rights and transgender politics.

For the Democrats, the sexual harassment debacle has driven some of the most outspoken movers and shakers in Hollywood to depths of shame unimagined just a few weeks ago.

The power of the press to destroy lives has never been stronger or more righteous but the media acting as judge and jury is as dangerous as the judge and jury acting for the media.

Men who attack women, and this is what sexual harassment is all about, should be beaten.

It is bad behavior.

It scares women and it is obvious women are petrified of some men and with good reason.

But those of us who have had exotic and outrageous pasts with women, who have been with hundreds of women in our lives without ever once devolving to lower mammalian animal status by abusing women or hurting them or taking advantage of them, find it hard to understand this newly revealed epidemic.

There are things men can do and women can do and there are things neither men or women should do and yet everything that should not be done is done all the time.

The muddle here is that men feel some sort of whacked out entitlement to harass or otherwise sexually confront and debase women without an understanding of how much doing such things hurts women and ruins their existence.

I’m not writing about the big-time Hollywood types who resort to harassing women or men because they are like animals who have no understanding or ability to form relationships or even a passing sexual relationship, without resorting to hurting the woman or the man and pushing themselves upon those who don’t want to be with them.

I always believed that if you are a big time producer, actor, owner, publisher, CEO that sex with women all the time comes easily and without force of any kind.

Again, I have been with hundreds of women in hundreds of situations without ever forcing the woman to do something against her will. I don’t understand men do otherwise. I now believe they are sick or incapable of intimacy, even if it is sexual intimacy passing like a rapidly moving storm, done and over and then on to the next conquest.

When you are rich and famous and under the impression the rules don’t apply to you, then you become like those recently ensnared in the sexual violence scandal now rocking the nation.

The appearance is given that women walk around all over our nation scared of men and men vice versa are scared of other men.

The impression is given that the entire nation is sexually dysfunctional, morally repugnant and largely incapable of treating one another with decency and respect.

No man and no woman, rich or poor, famous or unknown, black or white, English-speaking or non-English speaking, gay or transgender, heterosexual or bi-sexual, androgynous or otherwise has the right to force women into sex or pervert the natural desires we have into unnatural acts while having sex.

Bottom line, women should not be held hostage by male monsters unable to control themselves who feel privileged in a deranged way to harass and to sexually attack women. The same goes for men who do the same to other men.

This behavior which so many of us men and women never involve ourselves should not be tolerated as a way of life.

Women must be free of men who are out there wanting to push themselves on them or to touch them in such a way that they feel defiled. It is wrong, wrong wrong.

What is most wrong, however, is the media’s ability to now destroy a life — female or male, gay or straight, transgender or without gender.

This is an attack as bad or worse than sexual harassment itself.

Men and women guilty of these crimes against women and other men need to be called out but they also need to defend themselves in court, to be brought to court to answer for their crimes.

To ruin lives on here-say is to go down the slippery path where public opinion acts as judge and jury for a national media only too happy to oblige.

Even the monsters have their right to a trial.