The contempt with which Americans should hold Speaker Pelosi’s infantile decision to disinvite President Trump from delivering his State of the Union address is not worth describing. Eventually, on January 28, Pelosi decided to be 78 again and officially invited President Trump to give his address to Congress on February 5, 2019. Fair enough. Still, there is nothing in the Constitution mandating the president to physically stand before the other two branches of government and deliver his opinion of the state of America’s Union. Presidents Washington and Adams did so in person from 1790 to 1800, but President Thomas Jefferson, possessed of a weak and uncharismatic speaking voice, preferred to use his matchless pen to write his State of the Union in letter form, which was then read aloud by his secretary. Jefferson set a trend which continued until 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson — a man who both saw much to destroy in the Constitution and who could not resist the wring of his own voice — reversed tradition by delivering the address himself personally once again. This history lesson provides President Trump with powerful insulation against such childish political obstruction, by both politicians and their media shock troops. President Trump’s signature communication strategy (Twitter) goes over the heads of both Democrats and media. Therefore, he could very well deliver his address from the Oval Office via Facebook Live and YouTube, who would never stop the feed, as the media would have nothing to smear. Or, alternatively, he could, in the way of the author of our Declaration, simply issue a written statement, which no Pelosi or Schumer could possibly suppress. In short, it is President Trump’s message which his Democrat enemies wish to smother, but as president, he is uniquely immune from all such political impediments. (January 30, 2018, Win McNamee / Getty Images)
When Ralph Northam, the Governor of Virginia, appeared on a radio show on the D.C.-area station WTOP on January 30, he did what many politicians like to do: he made himself famous. But the price of his fame was that he said something which hardly secured momentary adoration. In response to a question concerning the abortion bill introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates the previous day, allowing for the killing of a child during labor, the governor said that after delivery it was what the “mother and family desired” which would determine the fate of the just-born child. In other words, “post-birth” abortion; also known as infanticide; also known as 15 years to life. The kicker was that a Google search of his vile gaffe coupled with CNN or MSNBC yields almost nothing. In other words, a Democrat governor of a major state graphically revealing that Democrats believe human life a worthless means to an end was only national news to nauseated conservatives. In fact, Democrats believe pretending to not be racist is far more important than pretending to be revolted by the murder of just-delivered children. Shortly after his first bout of fame, it was revealed that Mr. Northam had put a photograph of two men — one dressed as a Klansman, the other in blackface — in his 1984 medical school yearbook. He has denied it was him in the photograph and as of now refuses to resign. It would be royally fascinating if the blinding fame from this idiotic blackface-Klasman yearbook pratfall is what truly sinks his career, rather than being fine with infanticide. (Eastern Virginia Medical School / NewsLeader via “USA Today”)
While pity for the unfortunate is natural and virtuous, the saga of the 800,000 federal workers furloughed during the (partial) government shutdown contains a lesson the media are unlikely to notice. Beneath the woeful NPR segments depicting government employees forced to use soup kitchens and food pantries to barely ward off starvation is a much more poignant question. Why are there 800,000 federal employees in the first place? Why do the number of people murdered in the Rwandan genocide — almost every resident of Charlotte, North Carolina — work for the federal government? How would our Founders see a government which employs the better part of a million people, regardless of the total population? The simple answer is that government is far too large a part of people’s lives. When 800,000 people work for the government, that means there are 800,000 fewer potential entrepreneurs, especially in inner city areas. The magnificent bee hive of wealth creation which is capitalism is bereft of 800,000 potential ways to increase the amount of honey in the hive. As the civil society — the social and personal space in a civilization between the individual and government — erodes, government, which often does the eroding, steps in to take over. It is painful to imagine Americans going without pay for weeks, but federal workers’ pay is always at the mercy of the legislature’s dealmaking: federal workers go to work knowing that politics ultimately dictates their security. But the proper functions of government do not include mass employment. In fact, during a “government shutdown” (during which, incidentally, all welfare payments are still issued) government is actually pulled back closer to its original, constitutional duties, with the acres of unconstitutional, unsustainable New Deal- and Great Society-era additions temporarily pruned back. The issue with government shutdowns is that the longest one in American history was only 35 days. (January 10, 2019. Kiichirō Satō / AP)
Senator, now 2020 presidential catastrophe, Kamala Harris barely makes sense. Her horrific performance as a senator and Californian Communist policies make perfect sense for a Democrat, but her personal behavior is genuinely bizarre. Kamala — like all liberal women — is supposed to be a strong, independent, sexually autonomous fish who has never even dreamt of requiring a bicycle to get ahead in life. Nevertheless, it was recently revealed that when Willie Brown was mayor of San Francisco in the 1990s, Mr. Brown had an affair with Ms. Harris. No harm in that, especially in San Francisco; but Mr. Brown also revealed that he secured a number of government jobs for her during this particular episode of spousal betrayal (of which many are known). If feminism supposedly consists of both female sexual incontinence and self-sufficient perseverance, why is Kamala Harris, who upheld the first clause but not the second, not being ridiculed across Liberaldom (even privately) for this act of demeaning prostitution? Will her candidacy, without a single feasible policy to buoy it, be destined for an early death, or will the Democrats throw even their most deeply-held revolutionary non-values to the winds to push her over the DNC finish line — ’cuz melanin? (January 9, 2019, Sait Serkan Gurbuz / AP)
When President Trump said in December that he would “own” what would later be the partial government shutdown, he displayed too much of his famed generosity. In fact, it is Speaker Nancy Pelosi who is responsible for all of the endlessly mourned suffering endured by the supposed “800,000” government workers who went without pay during the “great” government shutdown of December 22, 2018 to January 25, 2019. It is Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to allow funding — just over half of what government spends in a single day — to build secure barriers on the Southern Border which caused the so-called “shutdown.” The American people voted for border security in 2016; and, as many (dishonest) Democrats who defeated Republicans in 2018 did not campaign on open borders, they were elected with the understanding that they would not obstruct border security. Federal workers — now fully back-paid — are not the people being taken hostage by the Trump-Pelosi impasse; it’s the American people as a whole. The cultural, demographic, economic, and linguistic future of this country hangs in the balance, but one side of this debate (represented by tens of millions of Americans, and in turn by President Trump) is disgracefully not allowed a fair shake. Nancy Pelosi will be 79 on March 26, 2019; the American people will be around a lot longer — and their security is more important than one decaying politician’s career as an open-borders Democrat. (December 6, 2018, J. Scott Applewhite / AP)
The Mueller investigation is officially nothing more than a spiteful smokescreen. Democrats lost an election they were sure was by now a mere formality — and certainly more than winnable given how dirty they had played up until election day. Playing dirty had indeed included colluding with Russia, but when it was Donald Trump who was to be the most powerful person on the planet on that November 9, and not an ideological ally of the former president, then the Alinsky tactics had to commence. President-elect and then President Trump was guilty of everything the Democrats had done themselves — in short what was good and virtuous when they had done it was now unconscionable now that their enemy was “guilty” of such disturbing “treason.” The media never cared that “Russian collusion” was not a crime — it was simply a ploy to poison the electorate’s opinion of their president so that the Democrats could win back the Legislative Branch in 2018, and the presidency in 2020. The problem is that people have noticed, and everything from Paul Manafort to Roger Stone isn’t going to change their minds that Donald Trump is a far better president than Queen Hillary would have been. In short, if things go right, the “Mueller investigation” will be Robert Meuller’s downfall, not President Trump’s. (October 28, 2013, Charles Dharapak / AP)


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How Leftists are Acting Exactly as Islam’s Followers

by Aynaz Anni Cyrus

I am a very proud American, and I can officially say that I have spent more time in America than I did in my homeland of Iran. America is my home. But I watch the left in America literally and openly reinforcing the attack on America and our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, by calling for it to be wiped away.

The reason I say the leftists are hyper-focused on Islamization is that nearly everything they do and promote today concerns Islam, facilitating an Islamic government, and Islamic countries which are all aimed at taking down American society as we know it, and wiping Israel off the map. The left literally has the same slogan, whether they want to believe it or not. “Take America down and wipe Israel off the map!” For the love of God, they kick people out of your rallies who carry a flag that represents Israel. And then they have the audacity to walk around saying that they are all about love and tolerance and we need to coexist while at the same time ousting those who don’t do what you tell them to do. That’s not how people coexist! You tell me how that works!

In order to get the bigger picture, let’s go back in time ourselves for a bit.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran before 1979, Iran was called the “Mini America.” If you Google Iran before 1979, you begin to realize women were very Westernized then. Women wore skirts and tank tops; were able to wear make-up and there was no hijab; women were teachers, and we had women in every position of government. It was very beautiful. Freedom! You could be whatever you wanted to be. You want to be Muslim? You could be Muslim! You want to be Christian? You could practice the Christian faith! Jewish? You bet! You could be whatever you wanted to be as long as you didn’t bother other people and infringe on their rights.

Sadly, and tragically, in 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini came in to power in Iran, hijacked the revolution, and turned the country into an Islamic country, with the first mandate being that all women must wear the hijab. Mandatory!

He wasn’t making anything up; it’s in the Qur’an (24:31 and 33:59).

Here’s where it got interesting: Some of the women felt that no government had the right to come in and tell them what they could or could not do, and what they could or could not wear. They resisted this order and here is what happened: The Supreme Court, which is a Shari‘ah court, simply ordered a new law be passed:

You wear the hijab, or we force you to wear it, or there would be dire consequences.

Case in point: After the new mandate went into effect, if a woman was walking down the street without a hijab the police would stop her and pin the hijab to her forehead with a safety pin. Literally. Pin it to the skin of her forehead. This not a story. This if fact.

If a woman was not wearing full-length pants, if she dared have a dress or skirt on, she would suffer a fate like one straight out of the once-popular competition television show Fear Factor. Only this was no volunteer competition to win cash and prizes. This was a reality that would be someone’s worse nightmare; they would forcibly grab their leg and shove it in a bag of live cockroaches. That is what they did to my people! No one dared walk out of their apartment without a full hijab.

Next came the order that woman cannot wear make-up; Shari‘ah enforcers would have napkins or cloth with them and wipe the lipstick or make-up off any women they saw who dared wear this in public. Sounds not as bad as cockroaches, right? But the cloth was laced with acid. They were not just getting rid of your lipstick, they were getting rid of your lips. The government! Khomeini, the Supreme Leader, allowed women to be tortured by the police with acid! To remove lipstick!

These people are ruthless, they have absolutely no code of honor. They don’t care! This is how they took over my country.

Now some may argue that this was several decades ago, and that is not happening now. Wrong! Let’s fast-forward to my life and my story:

I was walking home from school with a friend of mine. We were walking and whispering because we were not supposed to be loud, and all of a sudden I felt my head being jerked backwards and heard a single sound of a snip. I turned and saw a Shari‘ah enforcement woman holding my hair. She literally cut off my hair! As we were walking a bit of my hair accidentally had fallen lower than my scarf and it was showing from under my hijab. She grabbed it, cut it with a scissors and I could not say a word. I stood there watching the woman standing there with my hair in her hands and I could not say a word. But inside, I said, “Screw you, I will regrow my hear.” (I never let Shari‘ah take me, I resisted as much as possible silently in my heart; it was my only means of survival.) That’s how they do it! They break you into submission!

Now we have Linda Sarsour, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson, who are just dying to go to the Middle East because women have so many rights; who are so oppressed here in America under this beautiful United States flag. Who are so worried about women’s rights.

I dare you to go to the Middle East, go to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar; any of these countries, and I dare you, Ashely Judd, to be a nasty woman in any of those countries. I dare you! See what happens. You won’t be able to see another day of being a nasty woman.

So in reality, let’s cut the crap. What are you looking for? More rights? Obviously, you have no idea what not having rights means. I do. That is why I am holding on tight. That is why I wake up every day thinking what else can I teach my fellow humans? What more can I do? Anything to keep what happened in my country from never happening here!

You have no idea what it means to be oppressed. Not a clue! When you were 9-years-old, no one came told you, “Hey, by the way, starting tomorrow you will become an adult! You will have to start behaving as an adult with all responsibilities. You must begin to follow the laws of Mohammad, fight in the name of Allah, be willing to die in the name of Allah, and, your daddy can sell you to whomever comes or pays for you first.”

The Madonnas and Ashely Judds of this world should just be ashamed, and go get a life. Go be an activist with a movement where you actually know what you are talking about! If you are not going to help us fight for our freedom just get out of the away. Leave!

Yes, this message is going out to all you women who claim to be so oppressed by President Trump!

Yes, I am calling you out: women like Whoopi Goldberg, Linda Sarsour, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson.

You are not happy here? Then Google a country with a president you like and go there.

Just go! You are taking an entire country down because you are not happy with President Trump?

Let’s for a minute not care about Shari‘ah, ISIS, Khomeini, or terror attacks; let’s not even care about the prophet of Islam. Put it all aside, let’s go to the root. Go ahead — read the Qur’an.

I have said it before, when describing Shari‘ah and Islam, that they are like a time machine. But instead of going forward, however, we go backward 1,400 years. They come and they conquer and, boom, we find ourselves all the way back to the Stone Age! What the left is doing is much the same.

The media’s attitude is of “Let’s not talk about Israel and the good they represent,” and “Let’s not talk bad about Islam because Muslims are getting their feelings hurt,” while the next moment the followers of Islam go blow up things and kill people. And we can’t be critical of that? Don’t talk bad about Antifa because then they go destroy property and hurt people. So, I guess we should hand over our freedom and future…

This isn’t me being brave; this isn’t me being courageous. This is me being terrified. I fight because I am terrified of those days coming back to me. I breath for this fight because I love the freedom that I earned.