The Virtual Nation



On September 12, 2017, launched as a news and commentary site.  We did so in order to provide a platform to writers, reporters and opinion leaders who value the truth above all else and who hold dear the truth that people deserve freedom of thought, speech and action, so long as their speech and actions are not designed to harm others.

We have long seen as the seed of an even bigger idea, however.  What if, we have wondered, people all over the world could become citizens of Respvblica, as the first credible virtual nation, dedicated to developing and preserving individual liberty.

We live, after all, in an age of Jihad, when virulent ideas have been promulgated by entities which began without any land mass, but called themselves nations, nonetheless.  What if our nation—Respvblica—also were free from the notion that a land mass is essential to nationhood?  What if we invited people all over the world to remain citizens of the countries in which they live, while also holding dear their allegiance to a virtual nation that, as we grow, can offer them online learning about liberty, best in class legal representation to assert their rights to free speech and the pursuit of happiness, as well as the power of a growing citizenry to obtain preferred pricing on goods and services, all around the world?  What if being a citizen of Respvblica, once properly funded, also meant being protected from harm by the collective ability of our citizens to pressure (in more and more effective and strategic ways) those individuals, entities or governments who would deny one of us our fundamental human rights?

Ultimately, that is what can become—a nation of hearts and minds, around the globe, united in the belief that human beings must be free to develop and communicate their ideas without interference and to become everything they were meant to be.

In success, will be made up of citizens all over the world.  And, then, we will have fulfilled our promise:

“Now, freedom lives everywhere.”

Become a Citizen. Support the Nation.

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 As our nation evolves, citizens  will have access to private content and all the rights and privileges of citizenship.


Frequently Asked Questions


We want to change the world by creating a truly credible and powerful INTERNET COUNTRY, so that freedom can go viral.


Really.  In short, Respvblica will be the first truly effective country to exist without land.  Our growing number of online citizens around the world will leverage the power of numbers to protect one another’s freedom of speech and other human rights.  We, quite literally, envision millions of human beings (citizens of Respvblica) united to resist tyranny in all its forms, to fund top-notch legal representation to defend one another’s freedom speech and to deliver expansive online education in history, human rights and human creative potential.

Imagine Respvblica securing the release of dissidents, wrongly imprisoned, around the world.

We are asking our donors to join us in turning back the tides of political correctness and in speaking boldly about self-evident truths that safeguard the sacred human potential to fulfill one’s dreams, without undue intrusion from traditional governments.

Imagine Respvblica offering health insurance to its citizens at fair prices, no matter where in the world they reside.

Ours shall be a nation with the highest ideals, but without borders and, therefore, with unlimited potential to capture the hearts and minds of freedom-loving people, everywhere.

Imagine RESPVBLICA as the first internet country to secure a seat at the United Nations.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are virtual currencies that have the potential to ensure that commerce can always favor privacy, individual autonomy and individual freedom.

Respvblica can be the first truly effective virtual nation with the potential to ensure that governments always respect privacy, individual autonomy and individual freedom.


We need funds to properly organize the legal structure of Respvblica, to pay for top-notch cybersecurity to safeguard our technology and to develop the infrastructure to deliver services to protect our citizens’ freedoms and to give them the tools to use those freedoms to achieve their greatest ambitions.


Our donors are people of imagination and creativity, who believe that frontiers are meant to be explored and that people, joined together, can overcome all boundaries.


The founders of Respvblica are a group of journalists, scientists and entrepreneurs.  But, ultimately, we are only the spark igniting your own willingness to think beyond the nation where you reside, in order to also ally with a nation that can speak to the highest ideals and ideas of your heart and mind.