What Happens When the Haters Launch All Their Missiles at Israel?

We awaken one morning to find that Israel has been attacked by Hamas from Gaza with 25,000 missiles. Southern Israel is in flames.

Hezbollah has fired another 10,000 missiles from Lebanon and along the Syrian border with Israel.

Northern Israel is in flames.

Iranian proxies in Lebanon and Syria launch a wave of destructive missiles.

Tel Aviv is in flames.

Mind you, Israel is attacked and hurting.

But Israel isn’t defeated.

What is the Israeli response to such an avalanche of missiles and destruction?

First, Tehran is attacked — not the city and its people, rather, just its infrastructure.

Electricity plants, water supply systems, major bridges, airports, military facilities, oil production facilities, and the Ayatollahs’ “palace.”

At the same time, Bashar al-Assad’s palace will be bombed and every remaining piece of infrastructure in Syria allowing him to eat dinners made by chefs and served by servants will be put to bed. 

Dams, electrical plants, water delivery systems, military outposts, bridges, airports — complete destruction. Obliteration of Assad’s entire demented leadership infrastructure.

Gaza is reduced to ash and dust.

What then?

A peace, perhaps.

But only if the anti-Semitism powering the Muslims in the Middle East has been silenced and replaced with a renewed respect for Israel’s right to survive and to prosper.

By all appearances, it appears the end is coming or rather, a new beginning is about to happen.

Calls for Israel’s destruction need to end — and one way or another such efforts will cause Israel’s enemies to be vanquished, and for Israel itself to be injured by such hostilities taking place.

Israel is surrounded.

All the pieces are set in place.

A big, big bomb is being readied to explode.

The real question, the only question: can Israel survive?

Also, what will Israel do to survive?

How far will it go to vanquish its enemies — those who swear to destroy Israel and to murder its people?

It is a scenario that at once sets the stage for rendering the entire history of the Middle East.

It seems likely such a collision is about to occur.

We are with Israel’s right to survive above everything else.

Never again.

Never again.

Never again.

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