The Russia Investigation and the World Cup: The Next Destination of Robert Mueller’s Nose?

Is Mueller watching the World Cup?

Have we all failed to notice that the World Cup, being held in Russia, has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans to the Putin police state and that nearly everyone appears to be enjoying themselves?

Russia as the world’s evil giant just doesn’t stack up amid hour-to-hour press coming from the great cities of the former Soviet Empire.

And we wonder, is Robert Mueller watching the games from Russia? Is he allowed to do so? 

Or would it be a conflict of interest for the special prosecutor to watch soccer coming from the former communist-socialist state which we feel we need to consider as dark a place to live and breath as anywhere on this earth?

Should we be scared of Russia?

Did Russia almost topple the political process here?

And what if it is?

The political process is hopelessly deadlocked in our nation.

We are a split nation — and the idiots in Washington are enjoying their lives with the split, and do nothing whatsoever to change the course of events.

Social Security, Medicare, public school education, and health care are all socially, morally, and economically bankrupt while the folks in Washington are worried to death about kids being separated from their parents — instead of being arrested and imprisoned with their parents.

That whole grade-B drama has been pushed aside by Supreme Court Justice Kennedy telling us he has decided to retire.

This has swept away the kids separated from parents news tidal wave and tsunami.

Now we are hearing both sides complaining and congratulating one another that a new Supreme Court Justice is going to be appointed by Trump.

There must be something the left can do about this, isn’t there?

Trump can’t be allowed to name a justice to the court, can he?

Yes he can, and he will shortly do just this.

To what end?

You can never be sure with Supreme Court justices.

Dwight Eisenhower found this out with Earl Warren but this is ancient history.

We live in Internet news and fake news America — where half the nation is led to believe that constitutional law is somehow about to end if Trump names another justice. (Because we were fanatically following the Constitution under Obama.)

It is akin to Mueller investigating the Russia connection when it, in fact, means absolutely nothing to anyone except the folks running the pathetic government spectacle in Washington, DC.

Even Mueller runs the risk of being embarrassed beyond repair when all is said and done.

Back to the World Cup.

How can Russia be hosting a world event like this without its darkness being apparent to everyone visiting there, going to the games, and enjoying themselves while on holiday?

It can’t.

Nothing can be hidden these days anywhere — not even in North Korea.

Bottom line — the World Cup in Russia is a fait accompli of sorts for the notion that Russia is the evil empire.

It is not.

Russia is always itself, inevitably and irrevocably.

It is a nation that has tortured its people for centuries with leaders like Putin, whom its residents and citizens welcome, and even extoll.

Did the Russians come close to toppling American democracy?


They didn’t even come close.

The real question is this: would it matter if Russia or anyone else toppled the system as it exists here today?

Yes, it would matter.

But it wouldn’t matter very much, would it?

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