US Correcting the Imbalance at the United Nations

The United States pulling out the Human Rights Council at the United Nations is a cause for rejoicing among American Jews and Jews everywhere.

In a world where no one wants us, where every effort is made to denounce the legitimacy of Israel to exist, this action brings closer to reality the almost mind-numbing unfairness and hypocrisy of the UN Rights Council.

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said it best two days ago: “The UN Rights Council makes a mockery of human rights.”

Stunning really.

Miraculous when we come to think of it.


Because the United Nations gang rapes Israel every day, every moment it can — from charges of genocide, to human rights violations, to denunciations of every kind from the world body — which is hardly a world body of meaningful ideas and thoughts.

It is a world body united against Israel, and in large part, united against the United States. When every vicious Communist and Muslim country has the same moral standing as America and Israel — and continues to accuse Israel of doing every single thing they do themselves which got the blood spots on their cuffs in the first place — it’s time to go.

The world body has been able to position itself as an aggressively anti-Semitic, anti-Israel voice.

The UN Rights Council does not busy itself with emergency orders when 500,000 Syrians are being slaughtered.


Because Arabs don’t criticize Arabs.

They only come together to hate Jews and Israel.

The preponderance of Muslim, Arab voices at the UN, and Muslim non-Arab voices are all lined up neatly against Jews and Israel.

Israel surviving, Israel strong, Jews with guns… this is not what the UN has come to appreciate.

Jews not being slaughtered like lambs, Jews able to protect themselves and quite capable of decimating those who wish to decimate us and Israel — this is what the world cannot tolerate.

Israel, a postage stamp nation surrounded by giant aggressors who care nothing about human rights, women’s rights, gay people’s right, rights in general, who rule their nations with the Qur’an as opposed to constitutional law — well, what is there to be said about nonsense like this?

Israel, a postage stamp nation given nationhood by the world body, but now the same world body which gave it life doesn’t want Jews to have Israel, and works every day to undo Israel in the eyes of the world — shaking the dust of the place from one’s feet sounds like a good idea.

At the UN every day the effort is to undo Israel’s nationhood, to work to remove it from its hold on the piece of useless sand it was given at the end of the war to allow the world to get over some of its guilt that so many millions of us had been turned into ashes and dust by the Nazis.

No one cares about Jews except Jews — and even Jews these days care about others more than we care about ourselves.

Pulling out of UN Human Rights Council is a big move to erase, or at least to recognize publicly, the hypocrisy and the hate alive in this organization which operates under the umbrella of the United Nations.

The world’s pronounced anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel has taken one step back.

We thank the Trump administration for evening the score just a bit with a “human rights council” which has nothing to do with human rights, and everything to do with anti-Semitism and working for the end of Israel.

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