The Hypocrisy of the Debate about Separating Children from Their Illegal Parents

The new darling of the liberal press and liberal voices are the children being operated from their parents who have been arrested for entering the United States illegally.

The cries of hysteria run across the board in this instance where children separated from their parents are housed in air conditioned tents where they are well fed and cared for while their parents untangle their legal woes.

The problem today is that we live in a world where nothing matters.

In decades past — many decades past indeed — everything mattered, or so it seemed.

Liberals can’t get beyond the scene of children being separated fro their parents.

One legislator referred to this policy as akin to what the Nazis did in the concentration camps.

Of course when kids were separated from their parents at the concentration camps, they weren’t sent to air conditioned bunks and fed well and watched over.

They were exterminated as their parents were exterminated as Jewish life in all of Europe was exterminated and reduced to ashes and dust.

Any comparison to what happened in the Holocaust to what is happening on the border near to Mexico is like comparing chicken salad to chicken shit.

Let’s think about it.

We have a prison system here in America that houses about 3 million men — nearly all of them black — nearly all of them separated from their families and their children, guaranteeing the next generation will be filling their places in prison when they are finally out.

What of this national tragedy?

What of these millions of kids without fathers?

What to do?

I am suggesting that we need to build new prisons to house entire families.

The illegals trying to get in here could be placed in these family prisons with their children.

This way, no one would be left out of having their family whole.

Who could protest over this?

The protest over the kids being separated from their mothers is now outdoing the national obsession with gay rights and the rights of “LBGTQ” people — and this is saying something as the summer starts.

What I love is the passion with which some are expressing themselves over the horrors being caused by the Trump administration over the separation policy.

What everyone fails to get in this drama being played out in the national media, is that breaking the law cannot be OK in one place and wrong in another.

The law comes to mean nothing if such exceptions being asked for become systemic.

When the law means nothing, then everything begins to break down.

At Auschwitz, children coming off the trains were separated from their parents and either sent to work as slaves if they were old enough, or sent immediately to the gas chambers. Their parents were just sent to the gas chambers if they were too old.

In Texas right now I do not see even the slightest comparison to the Holocaust, and yet all the publicity being given to this situation implies that horror has replaced sensibility — and maybe for Americans it has.

What needs to be done?

The Congress and the Senate need to agree upon an entirely revamped immigration policy that works, which makes sense, which isn’t riddled with loopholes and injustices.

That’s what is needed, but my guess is it won’t happen.


Because I am 68 and immigration laws have been useless and twisted for my lifetime.

This is the way it is going in America at the start of the summer of 2018.

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