Trump Neutralizes Kim Jong-un; Can He Do Same with Khamene’i?

The pundits are all babbling that there is not enough substance to what happened in Singapore Tuesday between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Perhaps they preferred the seemingly unending cycle of threats and counter-threats as the North Koreans master nuclear technology and promised to rain atomic bombs on Japan and the United States or anyone else for that matter.

The meeting in Singapore has taken the nuclear gun out of Kim’s hand and he has put his gun back inside his holster.

There should be some rejoicing to such an outcome, to such an incredible turn of events — even if President Trump is the guy who pulled it off.

The Democrats remain blind and rather idiotic in the face of the new reality. The liberal press looks and sounds just as foolish.

What did we get?

We got the end of North Korea as a threat to us — with or without nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

On deck should be Iran’s Ayatollah Khamene’i.

If President Trump has an ounce of common sense, he should send the Ayatollah a note, a disarming message extending to him what he extended to Kim — peace in our time without nuclear weapons, without terrorism clouding everything for Iran, and without Iran fostering revolution in a half dozen nations of the Middle East.

Let those two meet wherever, whenever, and come to an agreement about how the future is going roll out.

My bet is Khamene’i would never accept such an invitation — not because he doesn’t want the United States breathing down his neck, rather, because he is an anti-Semite — perhaps the world’s leading anti-Semite — and an Israel-hating louse of a human being. Neither should Trump.

Walking around in his robes and with his turban, an alleged religious Muslim man uttering anti-Semitic tropes almost daily and promising the destruction of Israel and the extermination of its people — who are mostly Jews — well, what is there to say about such a despicable human being?

What worked on Kim Jong-un cannot work on Khamene’i because, at root, Khamene’i is a Jew-hater, a Christian-hater, a Catholic-hater, a Protestant-hater — a hater of nearly everyone on this earth who is not a Muslim.

What worked on Kim — who is far more of psychotic megalomaniac than a hater — cannot work on Khamene’i.

What to do?

President Trump should extend the olive branch.

It would electrify the world.

It would back Khamene’i into a corner in which there is no way to defend oneself.

The world would come to see how useless it is to negotiate with a hater intent on slaughtering people — mostly Jews and non-Muslims, or Muslims who don’t pray the same way the Iranians pray.

Khamene’i is the same kind of ruthless dictator Kim is.

But his hatred of the Jews above all else rules his meanderings.

Khamene’i needs to understand that Kim’s fate and his are intertwined.

Kim is now free to go on.

Khamene’i is awaiting the Israelis — and they are coming unless he does something to stop this inevitability.

Maybe it is better for the world for this towering Jew-hater to preside over the destruction of his beloved Iran.

Nothing would be better for the Middle East, for Israel, and for the United States.

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