The Media Had No Problems with North Korea Negotiations for 50 Years — Until Trump

Call it hypocrisy. Call it irony. Call it insanity. Call it what you will.

The meeting between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a bit of history that takes us from eating stale bread with butter to fresh bread with butter.

The table is set in Singapore today for something rather historic — even if it is President Trump performing this bit of magic.

The president has brought Kim out of his luxurious bunker and onto the world stage.

They meet today to discuss nuclear weapons and aggression and, very likely, the end of the Korean War — which, of course, has never ended, even though physical hostilities stopped in 1953.

It is is impossible to know what Kim’s end game is.

Who cares?

The meeting with the president causes all eyes to be transfixed on the get-together and what might come of it.

Can anything worse come of it than all the negotiations held in the past half century put together?

I don’t think so.

And if the talks fail, as all other talks and agreements have done for the past half century — what then, have we lost, if anything?

Yet the American press this morning is pretending to be very worried.

These are dangerous waters for the American president to slosh through.

Or are they?

How dangerous is it for an American president to meet with the North Korean dictator when no one in the world but the Chinese Communist “president” has done so?

Back to the worried national press.

The national press wasn’t too worried with North Korea creating atomic bombs and missiles, aiming them at us, and then telling the world: “We are going to nuke the United States.”

What disturbs the American press is that the President Trump could be fooled.

He’s never met an adversary like Kim, wrote the Boston Globe and the New York Times.

There is some truth to this — but what does it mean?

Should President Trump cancel the meeting at the last minute out of fear of the unknown?

Would the dealings go better if he expressed how scared he is to take on such a 14-carat fraud as Kim?

Has the president not learned enough about human nature and politics in a lifetime spent in it to come away from this meeting with something plausible or even world-shattering?

And what is the downside?

That nothing whatsoever will happen or be accomplished.

Where would this leave us?

Directly in the path of more than a half century of useless discussions, all of which led to North Korea becoming a nuclear “power.”

There is only the possibility of a win-win today — for the US and for North Korea, and actually, for the world.

Let the New York Times and the Boston Globe shudder and worry.

We aren’t — and we know the American president isn’t.

There is something powerful about an American president who isn’t worried about meeting with a North Korean lunatic who is.

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