The President Can Pardon Himself, or Anyone for That Matter

The president can pardon himself. Yes, he can.

His pardon power is absolute and unconditional, according to the US Constitution.

The power to pardon was included in the Constitution as the single line that allows the American president to act with the power of a king in one specific area.

Despite the new and odious rumble in official Washington, the president is letting it be known that Robert Mueller can do whatever he wants because the president can pardon himself and put an end to the Mueller probe, whatever happens.

The odious rumble tries to limit the president’s pardon power.

Again, the pardon power is absolute and unconditional.

Yes, when the president pardons he acts with the power of a king.

It is and was the only function the Founding Fathers allowed that gives an American president the power of a king.

This means quite literally that with the sweep of his pen, the president can pardon whomever he wants whenever he wants.

This includes himself.

Yes, it does.

His adversaries can moan and complain that the Constitution is wrong but it isn’t.

It is they who complain who are wrong, who can’t let go, who are unable to accept that the elected president is the elected president.

Pardoning himself would be a brilliant move quite frankly.

The only recourse the Congress and Senate would have is to impeach him after he pardons himself — and perhaps that will happen, but it is unlikely in the present political environment.

President Franklin Roosevelt pardoned thousands of people during his four terms in office.

Thousands upon thousands. (But he was a Democrat, so nobody cares.)

His use of the pardon power was not questioned.

All following presidents have become stingy about using the pardon power unless high-up friends are in distress.

If the president wanted to exercise the pardon power in its fullest, he’d pardon everyone in the queue at the Pardon Department — something not done since the Roosevelt era.

He could pardon something like 5,000 people if he so wished. And you know what? He should do it.

The pardon process in this nation has been a farce for decades.

Once again, for those of you getting all twisted up in your nickers thinking that the president will use the power of the pardon to protect himself or anyone else, it is an absolute power.


The words themselves describe its ultimate power.

As written in the Constitution: Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the president the “Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”

You want to impeach the Constitution?


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