Americans Losing Faith in Our Institutions Because of Trump? What a Joke

The New York Times reported yesterday that President Trump’s critics — all Democrats and liberals who still cannot get over the fact he won the presidential election — are banding together and all agree that Trump’s statements and actions are eroding public trust in our institutions.

They say the president claiming he is the victim of a shadowy plot to unseat him from the presidency is a horrific lie aimed at causing Americans to lose trust in our institutions.

Trust in our institutions, like the FBI, were broken decades ago when it was revealed, finally, that J. Edgar Hoover, its legendary founder, was among the worst criminals in US history.

How ironic.

How American.

Hoover held personal files on thousands of American politicians, judges, anti-war protester, actors, and civil rights activists, including but not restricted to, radical Catholics, big-mouth Jews, homosexuals and lesbians, reporters, writers, editorialists, and on and on.

And what’s worse, he used those files to blackmail generations of Americans as the FBI had become his own personal kingdom.

Can you imagine that? The FBI as the king blackmailing agency in the nation, and for decades?

Well, we’re all over that, aren’t we?

We know the FBI would never blackmail anyone — believe that and you can believe anything.

Hoover’s record alone makes his name on the FBI headquarters even today a cause for national shame and disgrace.

Yet that name is displayed there in Washington DC proudly and for decades.

And this is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the FBI.

Everyone with an ounce of common sense, and this includes millions of Americans, understands that the FBI, the CIA, the liberal members of Congress and the Senate, and every judge expressing the Democratic mantra are anti-Trump.

They are all inclined to do things that are extra-legal or not legal at all to get him out of office.

Whether or not Trump is guilty of anything or everything he is accused of by the press doesn’t matter.

Getting him does matter.

There is now a tendency to lump Robert Mueller and his investigators with the FBI and CIA wonks who all agree Trump has to go, so everything can get back to normal.

Whatever they do beyond the scope of their powers is OK as long as Trump is wrestled to the ground for winning the presidential election.

I don’t trust the FBI or the CIA or Robert Mueller or all those calling for the president to be impeached, replaced, denounced and all that.

I frankly don’t trust anyone at this point in my life.

I am 68 and have lived through the dream of being an American at a time of Empire and enjoying the nation when it was a more real place than it is today.

There are no heroes today, except for Medal of Honor recipients, and there are no great voices, and this includes Trump and everyone else.

What Trump has brought to the fore is that we are a nation led by idiots and fools all dressed up nicely and talking with a lingua franca that they alone can understand.

Our leaders are greedy and self-serving, entirely unto themselves. People go to Congress to get rich. The folks in the Senate get there because they are already rich, and the president, well — the president is elected by the people.

The recent former presidents have become obscenely rich. Others were obscenely rich when they got there.

Trump has magnified the chasm that exists between common Americans and our institutions which are all in a state of inertia, led by irrelevant people spouting hyperbolic euphemisms to a public that does not listen anymore.

American institutions have lost the faith of the American public.

Not many believe anything can be done to save Social Security because nothing is being done to save it by our leaders. The same goes for Medicare, public school education, healthcare, college tuitions, and the rest. The things crippling our society don’t cause a ripple because of the voices in Washington all calling for more and more investigations into the Russia angle in the past election.

There are virtually no calls that all our election systems should be reworked so elections can’t be toyed with or fixed — but the government feels it is much more important to find out who and how Trump was handed the presidency by Russia.

It is a weak narrative made weaker by the do-nothings running the nation.

Americans losing trust in our institutions?

Just look at J. Edgar Hoover’s name gracing the entranceway to the FBI headquarters in Washington DC.

If this isn’t enough to make you lose faith in one of most important American institutions at the heart of the Russia investigation, I don’t know what is.

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