Mahmoud Abbas Hospitalized; No One and Nothing Lasts Forever

The so-called “leader” of the Palestinian “people,” Mahmoud Abbas, has been put in the hospital again, after two earlier visits last week following an operation on his inner ear.

Although reports by spokespeople about the Palestinian president were all hopeful and playing down the seriousness of his hospitalization, Abbas himself is not feeling well.

He is, after all, a heavy smoker, and this fact obviously complicates and impacts any health issues the “leader” is experiencing.

As much as I’d like to wish him an early death and a petrifying ride to hell, my sense about Abbas is what most Jews would hold in their hearts.

That is, I hope the old geeser and thief gets better to accept what is coming — his ultimate punishment by his own people for being a do-nothing.

Not only is Abbas a do-nothing for his people, but he is probably the wealthiest Palestinian walking on the sands of this earth.

Palestinians all know how rich Abbas is — and how poor they are — by comparison.

I guess if you are Palestinian, you come to accept such behavior from the “leader” of your people.

As he sits in his hospital bed, let’s all wonder aloud, what has he done to improve the plight of his people?

How has exerted his power as a leader?

How much time does he have left to “rule.”

If we take the Palestinians as they are — blockaded in Gaza and led by fanatics more intent on destroying Israel than finding peace and prosperity for their people — then Abbas is a failure of the first order.

In fact, the “leader” of the Palestinian people does not lead them in Gaza.

Hamas is the leader.

They live miserably in Gaza — living miserably rather than recognizing Israel and sitting down at a table to negotiate with them.

This has caused a 50-year do-nothing period for the Palestinians living there.

Do they prefer their second-, third-, and fourth-class lifestyle for their children?

It appears so.

Abbas has exerted his power as a “leader” in the grand fashion of the Palestinians before him.

Yassir Arafat, who led before Abbas, is now a post-script to a much more “heroic” and complicated time for the Palestinians now held in captivity or “occupation” as they prefer to call it by the Israelis.

Palestinians living under Israeli rule may not be happy in keeping with their party line, but they have homes, jobs, educations, and a future while their brothers and sisters living under Abbas have nothing but despair.

Abbas has become a figurehead for a non-existent government that has very little to do with leadership anymore.

He grows rich off the backs of his people every day.

He is more remote from his people than ever before.

He still pays terrorists for slaughtering Jews.

At 82, his days as a “leader” are numbered.

This is good for his people.

For Israel, it doesn’t really matter anymore who leads the Palestinians.

The Palestinians must meet with the Israelis one-on-one at the table, put aside all the rhetoric about the Palestinians getting back what was given to the Israelis, and figure out how to live with Jews instead of calling for their extermination.

It is really as simple as that.

Renounce desiring to kill all Jews and recognize them as the world recognizes Palestinians, and get on with it.

As for Abbas, he is at the end of his very long and personally enriching dance.

What has he done for his people?

Not very much.

Where is he headed?

Into the dustbin of stale history — and probably to a much longer hospital stay.

I wish him the best and for an early recovery.

But do I care about him?

Not a bit.

He’s just another anti-Semitic Jew hater.

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