World Anger No Wonder to Me; But Then, I Am a Jew

What happens if 35,000 Gazan protesters led by their Hamas masters break through the fence at the Israel/Gaza border?

Do they sit down quietly after breaking through?

Do they bring offerings of peace in true Ghandian fashion for their Israeli masters?

Do they chant loving pieces from the Qur’an?

Do they sit in peace and quiet?

Or do they run like savages to the first settlement and then kill or beat every resident, destroying everything in their paths?

Would they slaughter women and children?

Of course they would.

Would they worry about human rights?

Not a bit.

Would their Hamas leaders with gangs of terrorist thugs intent on slaughtering Israelis be busy at work?

Of course they would.

Nothing would delight them more than to slaughter large numbers of Israelis — and for what?

And so how do Israelis respond to such threats?

What are they to do?

Let the masses seeking revenge and promoting slaughter run like savages through the Israeli countryside?

Is this what the Jews should do to please the outraged world?

Let their children be slaughtered by rampaging Gazans led on by their cruel Hamas masters?

Or should the leadership of Israel and Gaza sit down to talk like human beings and equals?

Fat chance.

The Gazans should be the first to understand how important it is to stop the slaughter of their people massing like zombies at the barriers.

Who brings their children, their brothers, their sisters, or their mothers and fathers to such a place to die?

The Hamas leaders aren’t dying.

They are inciting Gazans to die, and for what?


Of course.

What is better than that for a people who haven’t built their enclave at all in 70 years.

They only know how to wish death on Israelis.

They don’t know how to accept the reality of Israel — of Jews who don’t want to die; or indeed who will do anything to stay alive.

Is Israel or any Jew fearful of Gazans acting like human beings with leaders who can discuss what needs to be done to stop the madness?

Jews don’t hate like the Gazans do.

Jews don’t hate like Gaza’s Hamas leaders.

Jews would never bring their kids and family members to a suicide site on the Gaza/Israel border.

Why not?

Because Jews came out of the ashes of the Nazi death camps.

Life above all is cherished and defended.

Jews didn’t want to die yet they died by the millions and perished as the world watched as though their lives had no meaning.

This won’t happen again.

The masses at the Israel/Gaza border are not going to penetrate the barrier — and if they do — they will all die because it is either them dying or the Jews dying.

Let Hamas come to the table and stop this madness, to stop their people from dying.

But they won’t.

Gazans dying is what Hamas needs to stay in power.

Peace won’t do it.

Gazans dying and the world taking note of Israeli atrocities is all that matters.

Gazan intentions don’t matter.

What matters is that Jews are standing up for their right to survive in a world that just doesn’t give two shits about them.

Never again.

Never again.

Never again.

Hamas doesn’t get it…

Never again.

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