Zombies against Good Guys as Gazans Mass for Mayhem and Death

The expected massing of as many as 100,000 Gazans trying to break through the Israeli wall at the border protecting humanity one one side from the dystopian society spawned by Hamas on the other, is a mess that cannot be solved.

The two forces — the zombies from Gaza trying to get through the wall to ravage the human beings on the other side and the Israelis needing to protect their citizens from being ravaged — are inextricably headed toward a showdown today and tomorrow.

Many, many zombies are going to die — and for what?

Their Hamas masters are massing them against a barrier and urging them to struggle in every way to get through.

For what?

To sit down and ask for peace and economic security for themselves and their children?

Or to act like zombies and race through a hole in the wall only to be met by a fusillade of bullets and bombs from petrified Israeli soldiers with the duty to keep them away from ravaging the small farming towns on the other side of the barrier?

These are the course of actions which Hamas and the Israelis have chosen and which they shall play out.

The slaughter will be enormous and pathetic at the same time; a waste of life — but, then, for Gazans under their Hamas masters, life is meant to be spent trying to erase the Israeli state.

This is not an easy thing to do and those storming the fences today and tomorrow will find this out.

In the dystopian movies I so enjoy, the zombies, the Gazans in this instance, outnumber the good guys, the folks who don’t want to be bitten by the hateful, savage, ignorant, starving zombies.

There is a fence the zombies are being led to by they Hamas masters.


It is good publicity for the liberal press anxious to show the Israelis as butchers and the zombies as innocent good guys.

At that fence is an Israeli force large enough to keep the zombies from getting through it to the other side.

Like the zombies in the dystopian movies, the Gazans just want to die out of a code of “survival” they simply no longer understand.

They will push one another toward the fence desiring to get through to plunder the decent society on the other side.

The Israelis, whom the Hamas monsters want to depict to the world as murderers, will do whatever must be done to maintain the sanctity of life on the other side of the barrier.

The Israelis will shoot their guns, fire tear gas, smaller rockets, and if necessary, the air force will sweep in to eliminate the menace. All this coming horror with the world watching on their cell phones and their flat screen TVs or on their laptops in the safety of their homes or in a Starbucks or at university.

There wasn’t any notice given to this coming together at the United Nations over the weekend where the Israelis will be condemned for protecting their people from waves of zombies led by their Hamas rulers to their deaths — to martyrdom.

The Hamas leaders will be safe in their luxurious bunkers in Gaza as their zombies do their dirty work.

The more Gazans who die the better is how Hamas thinks about this.

Perhaps the Israelis should create a new ending to the dystopian movies showing the last survivors on earth protecting themselves to the last man in the face of the zombie surge to destroy and somehow cleanse the world with blood.

Perhaps Israel should just lay down its arms and allow the Gazans to storm through the gates running and screaming, spurned on by hatred and savagery.

What would happen then?

Th slaughtered Israelis will allow Israel to gain the moral high ground — that is, Israelis slaughtered by zombies who then destroy everything in their path that has taken 70 years to build, and who kill everyone in their way, and will now have a nice foothold inside the Israeli state.

This can’t happen. It won’t happen.


Because of the “never again” existential feeling carried by nearly all Israelis and free people around the world.

Hamas are the modern Nazis, herding their people into masses for extermination at the hand of Israelis who don’t want to die.

Recognizing the right of Israel to exist and sharing peace with one another is not so important as massing the zombies at the gates.

The cycle of hatred and fear continues.

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