The Preference for Appeasement Falls to the Wayside with Rejection of the Iranian Catastrophe

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has been running around pleading for his nuclear deal with Iran to remain intact.

Kerry insists it is the only way to uphold Iran getting a nuclear bomb.

This may or may not be proven true.

What is true is that while the Iranian nuclear deal has been in force, Iranian “terrorism” or (actually) expansionism, however one wishes to view it, has transformed most of the Middle East into an Iranian military base.

The military incursion into Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and even into parts of South America, is reaching high speed with the nuclear umbrella in place.

So we must ask ourselves, what is worse — worrying about Iran having a nuclear weapon, or being concerned by Iran’s imperialism and its unbridled and unstopped militarism?

President Trump has drawn the line in the sand.

He has withdrawn the US from the “treaty” — and a bad piece of diplomatic work at that.

He has told the Iranians, and the world, that the hangman’s noose being placed around the Israelis’ neck by Iran must not be allowed to go on.

Despite cries from the liberal press that we are endangering ourselves, just the opposite is true.

What good is a nuclear treaty if Iran succeeds in establishing a powerful military foothold throughout the Middle East?

What then?

What then of their cries about death to Americans and death to Israelis?

The Iranian Islamics are a people who historically understand only the use of force either against them or against others who don’t bend to their wishes.

We are now reversing this matrix on the Iranians.

By withdrawing from the nuclear agreement the Iranians now are free to build an atomic bomb at their own risk.

They are now free to roam about in Syria trying to create a de facto state presence there at their own risk.

Their economy is now in the early stages of free-fall — and the reintroduction of sanctions will lead further and more quickly to a collapsed Iranian economy.

This is what the mullahs and religious leaders and Khameine’i himself fear most.

The Iranian leadership, a bunch of aging revolutionaries and mullahs wearing turbans and black robes and telling the youth of Iran that tyranny will reign forever, will be forced to confront reality.

That reality is firmly rooted in the knowledge of those who study Iran, that almost the entire the nation wishes to reject the ridiculous, now-antique “Islamic Revolution.”

News reports from the Middle East reveal that there are continuing protests all over Iran.

The nation is yearning for freedom and for freedom from religious tyranny.

Younger people, who comprise more than half the population, have little to no interest in being Muslim, let alone listening to religious fanatics and mullahs running around in black robes making up rules and regulations for them which they wish not to follow.

Now that appeasement is at an end, the Iranians will understand clearly that everything they do everywhere they now do it at their own risk.

That Iran can be destroyed quite easily is a fact of life.

Israel and the United States and our allies in the region can bring Iran to its knees overnight.

We only need the willingness to do it.

The Iranians understand this and will now have to act accordingly — or face the consequences.

They will not attack Israel and they will not build an atomic bomb.

To do either assures Iran of a solid, catastrophic defeat.

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