There are No Heroes in This Society Anymore

I have always admired John McCain for this one reason — for surviving with his dignity and humanity intact after spending so many years in the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of war.

Because the Vietnam War wasn’t a declared war, McCain wasn’t afforded the rights of the Geneva Convention.

He was tortured repeatedly. Beaten regularly. Denied nearly every form of human decency and lost six years of his life during his youthful prime.

His service to the nation as a bomber pilot doing runs over Hanoi and Haiphong marks him as a man of discipline, patriotism, and heroism.

He put his life on the line overtime he went on a bombing run over North Vietnam.

The day he was shot down he landed in a pond with his arm and leg broken, was then manhandled by the local population, and marched through the streets of Hanoi before being taken to his residence at the Hanoi Hilton.

All of this above alone makes him a bona fide American hero.

That he has never complained about his years in the Hanoi Hilton, or hated the North Vietnamese — who have again become our friends — reveals his integrity, his grit, his toughness overall and his actions in the US Senate all these years is another compliment to the man if you feel capable of giving any senator compliments these days.

The Senate and the House do nothing. It is a do-nothing government we have. It is government without license or meaning that rules the land today.

Back to McCain.

He has apparently been planning his funeral and has asked that President Trump not be there.

I understand this perfectly.

He is absolutely correct in requesting that the president not attend his funeral when that day comes.

At this point, however, I diverge from McCain’s heroism and his demeanor as a US Senator, and dwell for a moment or two on his coming death.

When John McCain takes his last breath on this earth, that is it.

He will never walk onto the floor of the Senate.

He will not run for president again.

He will not pick Sarah Paillin as his vice presidential candidate.

He can’t put the record straight and have Joe Lieberman as his vice-presidential candidate as he said the other day.

When McCain dies, he becomes like all of us who will die, like the billions of souls on this earth who have died before him and us — and he will be gone. Remembered a bit but gone.

Choosing who comes to your funeral and who doesn’t runs contrary to what McCain has shown us as a brave man and a pretty decent guy in later life.

Whoever wants to attend his funeral should be allowed to attend.

Unless his funeral is private and for the family only, no one should be excluded.

Why make a spectacle of his death when he didn’t want to make a spectacle of himself in life?

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