Fake News? Obama Was Better at it Than Joseph Göbbels

by Brad Lacerda

As an initial contribution, I wanted to bring to readers’ attention a topic which I feel is a building block of the blatant dishonesty of the liberal media in general. Until this issue is isolated and addressed the MSM propaganda complex will continue to thrive. The issue? Quietly-signed bills granting preposterous powers to government and the press.

On Christmas Eve 2013, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2013 which snuck in a clause that nullified the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion.

On Christmas Eve 2016, Obama signed H.R. 5181 which had a clause snuck in that said the following: the bill allows for “Developing and disseminating fact-based narratives and analysis to counter propaganda and disinformation directed at United States allies and partners.”

The bill is laden with references to Russia leading up to this clause. Under the guise of controlling what the government and media feels is in the “best interest” of the country, institutions can take a fact, and base a story around it, however the creator may choose, so long as it was to “protect the American public” from whatever they deem propaganda and fake news. The Democratic establishment has all but an iron grip on the “free press,” any small conservative journalist is all too aware of this situation.

As one of the final gifts from Obama as a lame duck on the way out, the clear communication between government and the people was severely distorted beyond the transparency issues it already faces. Once the 2016 bill was signed and right before the Trump inauguration, Democratic operatives were dispatched to outlets everywhere to handle the narratives — psychological information operations disseminated to the point of gaslighting. During this period the term “fake news” became an everyday phrase as the liberal media abused their “new guidelines” to the fullest extent. It continues to this day with no end in sight.

This stomach-turning set of clauses laid in place by the previous administration has not been used for the good of the American people. It has been used as intended by the previous administration, to further the Democratic Party’s interests by keeping the population confused, misinformed, and to hide their hostile actions.

These bills also suggest as part of “controlling the narrative” censoring any independent media deviating from the approved narrative under the blanket of “hate speech” and “bullying.” Small operations and lone conservatives are being silenced, bankrupted, and ridiculed for their support of their party and president under the protection of these clauses I mentioned along with several others packed in the same “Christmas Eve” bill signings.

Establishment Democrats, through these measures, have convinced their base they have the moral high ground. They have convinced their base that rejecting anything to do with the Trump administration is acceptable. They are convinced Trump and his administration are tyrannical and any actions one takes, legal or not, is justified. One network may flood its American viewers with up to the minute updates regarding a brief affair the President may have had with an adult actress a dozen years ago, and another will report on the peace talks developing between North and South Korea, arranged by President Trump and his administration. Ask yourself why a pair of major outlets would headline two very different stories, one causing embarrassment to everyone involved of no benefit to the american people and one story that directly affects millions of lives and has effects that may ripple globally for generations to come if successful?

This problem is extremely complex and there is no end in sight. The most important thing at this point is awareness of the reality of the situation. Which way this episode will tip is dependent on knowledge and acceptance of the situation by the citizens of this country.

A conservative American voice may wonder, “What can I do against such a stacked deck?” The first thing is to verify your information before deciding on an issue, never accept a single report. The news is something one expects to be delivered to them timely and accurately. Throw this out the window. You the reader must find the news, don’t wait for it to find you. Once you have good information, share it with like minded friends, and even those friends that disagree. Conservative news must be spread “by hand” to avoid being silenced by big tech companies. Never be afraid to share your thoughts for fear of ridicule. Conservative voices are not always lockstep like democrat voices. This is a strength and weakness. Embrace it and speak up for what you believe in. Its not about whether you are right or wrong, its that you are free to do so.

Support conservative sponsors. If there is a certain media outlet you value, big or small, consider purchasing from their sponsors. A tactic used by the democrats is to bankrupt conservatives by boycotting and shaming their sponsors over issues they claim moral high ground on. This must end. As a citizen you have the right to spend your dollar any way you choose. Use that power. Instead of being shamed into where to spend your dollar, make the call for yourself and support sponsors brave enough to align with news outlets in which you find value.

From a conservative viewpoint, lets push for a reversal on these Obama era pitfalls left behind by a hostile administration. Rather than “fact-based narratives” from the liberal media, I think the American public would be better served by fact based, raw, unedited truth.

Brad Lacerda is a freelance writer and Respvblica contributor.

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    Astounding. I’d never heard of Smith-Mundt Act

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