Israel and the Middle East in the Age of Trump

A new age is upon us in the Middle East with the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt leading the way.

North Korea is helping, too.

Unless everything fails with the North Koreans on the peninsula, and the entire Kim Jong -un show is a fraud, his outreach for peace in a place where there has been a state of war since 1950, changes the game.

How so?

For the Palestinians, who have made an expert effort at controlling world opinion for the past 30 years at the expense of everything having to do with their people but peace, it signals the end of the posturing.

The Palestinians must now figure out how to come to the table controlled by the US and Israel, and how to sit down at it like adult members of the World Community, and to make a deal for peace, and a respectable place in this world for themselves.

The hype about occupation, oppression, slaughter, genocide, and Israeli atrocities are ebbing and flowing in a Middle Eastern world dominated by the Syrian genocide by its own Arab leader.

The slaughter of the Syrian people, the exile of so many millions, the near total destruction of all its major cities, and infrastructure except for the rich living in their walled spaces in Damascus, has shown the world the extremes of Arab Muslim cruelty and the slaughter of their own.

In such an atmosphere, and with the presidency of Donald Trump, has come a new era.

Jerusalem is now recognized as the capital of Israel by the United States who has essentially told the world: “This is simply the reality on the ground of 70 years, and we now recognize this and you should too.”

Simple thinking long overdue, and largely accepted throughout the world at this point, because, quite frankly, there is no one powerful enough to do otherwise — to dislodge the Israelis from the place owned and occupied by Jews since the beginning of recorded time.

Israel and the Jews as the enemy of the world is a part of the fading Palestinian public relations past.

The world knows, even if much of it doesn’t acknowledge it, that Hamas and Hezbollah are more interested in upsetting the balance of power in the Middle East to their own end rather than relieving the suffering of the Palestinian people.

All you have to do to know this is to take a look at Syria.

Power, the power of the Israeli military, the power of the United State military, the power of the Saudi Arabian military is simply too much combined for Iran to stand up to by itself.

The Russians may seem to them like a good ally, but the world knows what the Russians are all about and have always been about.

I’m descended from Russian Jews. We lived the experience. It is hard to separate ourselves from it.

They find a secure place right now in Iran because of their cruelty and dispassion as a people caring about anyone but other Russians.

The exercise of power by the most powerful will have a transformational effect in Iran, Lebanon, and on Syria, when all is said and done.

Power is about the only thing the dictators understand in the Middle East — and it is certainly the only thing Russia understands.

Power and the possible exercise of it, as was likely the promise by the Chinese pushing the North Koreans to the peace table, is exactly the same dynamic that will ultimately crush Iran’s desire to rule the Middle East, shut up the mouth of Turkey’s dictator Erdoğan, remove Bashar al-Assad as the slaughterer supreme of his Muslim subjects, and push the Palestinians to the table before things get worse than they might ever have imagined.

This is what is coming.

It is inevitable.

It is irrevocable.

The times they are a-changin’, as the great Bob Dylan sang his tune.

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