What Happens When They Break Through by the Thousands?

At a time when the world was almost transfixed and lulled to inaction by the ongoing slaughter of human beings in Syria, the new wave of protests at the Gaza border have once again motivated the UN and the European Union to order investigations.

Thousands have been approaching the border fences in the effort to destroy the fences and to break through in order to make a statement — or rather to do exactly what?

Most of the Hamas terrorists organizing and leading the marches have been shot by Israeli snipers are martyrs, and this is good for them and their families especially.

They all get paid as the protesters, mostly young people, starve to death under the yoke of their terrorist masters.

What happens when the fences fall and the thousands break through?

This is the question.

I love dystopian end of the world movies.

The movies depicting flesh-craving zombies breaking through walls and crowding into shopping centers or onto city streets swarming with people in order to eat them and to zombieize them presents for me a perfect metaphor for what is happening at the Gaza border.

When the thousands one day break through that fence, what will they do with the Hamas leaders directing them?

Will they sit down like Mahatma Ghandi might have suggested?

Or will they charge off to the nearest Israeli settlement and attempt to slaughter everyone there?

Do they want to get to the other side of the fence in order to bite all Israelis and to zombieize them?

I don’t need to answer this question.

The world knows what will occur should the fence be breached.

The Gazans aren’t zombies, but they will surely act like zombies should they get through.

Trashing, slaughtering, maiming Israelis and destroying them and their way of life in their futile effort to wreck their world and to take it as their own is what they will do.

This is more about human nature than anything else — or Palestinian human nature.

What is needed will not happen.

What is this?

The negotiation for Gaza to become part of the human community instead of being maintained by its Hamas gangster masters like a Back to New York look-alike is what needs to take place.

Instead of living to destroy Israel — which will not be allowed to occur — the Gazans need to rise up against the poverty, the ignorance, and the insensitivity of their Hamas masters to gain what they want for their themselves and for their children.

They need a release from their Hamas masters and dictators and the beginning of democratic leadership in a slice of the world where clean water, plentiful food, and freedom of expression do not now exist.

The Gazans are slaves to a failed society that is dedicated to getting themselves killed at the fenced border instead of feeding them.

The Israelis or Jews, however anti-Semites wish to view us, are not the procurators of the Gazan people.

The masters of the Gazan slaves living in filth and ignorance and led by terrorists are Hamas, and this is the product of 12 years of Hamas rule.

Hamas shows the world of what it is capable everyday in Gaza but the world, the UN, the European Union, and nearly everyone in the media, is not concerned about Gaza’s plight, they are concerned about  the Hamas led strife at the border.

Investigations are being ordered.

Who cares?

My eyes are on the slaughter in Syria — how about a few more UN, European investigations of that?

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