Michael Cohen in the Hot Seat; What’s He Done Wrong?

I am not a lawyer. I am not acting as a lawyer, then having a client (me) as a fool.

That’s the wonderful Abraham Lincoln adage assuring us that if we act like lawyers for ourselves we are fools.

Yet I am wondering what Attorney Michael Cohen has done that has any plausible effect on the United State government, the president, the Republican party, and the Russia probe?

It is fun and it is a show of power when the special prosecutor can be allowed by a Federal judge to order the FBI to take Attorney Cohen’s records from his office, his own home, and from the hotel room where he was staying.

In this respect, at least we know such legal orders or demands are still fulfilled, with full vigor like an Amazon or eBay order.

It is gratifying to know that when the special prosecutor says jump, everyone in the legal justice system jumps with him.

Now what?

What exactly has Attorney Cohen done to obstruct justice, to perjure himself, to act untoward or illegally as a lawyer?

It appears he paid from his own money or from money he controls, this porn star Stormy Daniels.

It is the understanding of the national press that she was paid $130,000 to remain quiet about a one-night stand she had with the president.

She signed an agreement to remain quiet.

She received the $130,000.

The president was not yet the president — and would not be for more than a decade.

Stormy at $130,000 for a quickie reveals herself to be not just a porn star — someone who sold her vagina and her mouth and her rubber breasts for money all the time to anyone who would pay her on camera to do so — but the payment of $130,000 for the quickie reveals her to be about one of the highest-paid prostitutes and porn stars in the world today!

One of the most powerful and empowering aspects of the American legal justice system is when it shows its support in the legal justice arena for the likes of Stormy Daniels — a porn star, sex hustler, prostitute, and repulsive sexual degenerate.

This is a sexual degenerate bringing up a child right now.

Sexual degenerates who have done far less tend to lose their children in family courts all over the nation everyday.

Not Stormy Daniels.

She has now morphed from porn star, prostitute, and deal-breaker to national celebrity as though she was somehow done in by people who handed her $130,000 in return for her promise of quiet after a one-night stand.

Back to Attorney Cohen and what I cannot understand as I am not a lawyer.

What does this have to do with the Russia probe?

Thanks, if you know the answer.

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