How Do You Treat a Nation Promising to Annihilate Yours Every Day?

Let’s say you don’t care or understand anything about the Holocaust — that the reduction of Jewish life in Europe to ashes and dust means nothing at this point in time.

And let’s say you really hate Israel and you believe, as so many do, Jews and non-Jews alike, that the Palestinians should have Israel even after the world gave Israel its land and its right to exist.

And let’s go further; you hate Jews and believe they shouldn’t be allowed to exist anywhere because they are a race of people who are a burden to largely non-Jewish, Christian, and Moslem mankind.

I am a Jew. I understand all of the above.

I also understand that Iran, who promises not just the destruction of the Jewish state but the annihilation of its people as well, is attempting to set up shop in Syria which has become a de facto state — a state without meaning, run by a butcher of his people, given the OK by the UN and all other Moslem states.

Beautiful really, after slaughtering 500,000 of his own people that he is allowed to see the light of day, because he is “against” terrorism and terrorists.

Forgive my naïveté.

Now comes Israel posturing and stating publicly that it is not going to allow Iran to maintain a base in Syria because such a base by people from a nation wanting to annihilate Israel is a fact on the ground that Israel cannot and will not tolerate.

If you are a Jew and an Israeli this sounds pretty simple.

Defending oneself, after all, is a basic thing for Israelis who are considered imperialists and occupiers after 70 years of nationhood.

What to do?

What can Israel do to change the course of history with Iran?

Israel can capitulate, give up its nation, allow the Palestinians — now 7 million who were once about 700,000 70 years ago — to return.

Will this satisfy Iran?

Not really.

Iran wants to control the Middle East.

How about negotiations with Iran?

Let’s sit at a table with people promising to annihilate Jews and Israel, and work out a peace deal where they can only launch missiles on Sundays and Tuesdays.

That won’t work, either, will it?

Not really.

What to do?

If you are Iran you are promising to reduce Tel Aviv and Haifa to ashes and dust, and the leadership in Iran whips up its aging post-revolutionary frauds and misfits to believe this is the way to do it — to bomb and to attack Israel.

What should be Israel’s response?

To build more bombs and to build bigger bombs, and to promise to reduce Iran to ashes and dust.

Let’s face it.

There is too much hatred. Too much fear and too much loathing for this to turn out any other way than a bomb fest — with the nation with more bombs and bigger bombs the victor over the nation with fewer bombs.

And that’s the way it is, at the end of April in the year 2018.

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