Two Typical CNN Headlines Tell a Tale about Their Reporting of the News

CNN’s current headlines:

Threat to walk out on Kim highlights risks of Trump’s volatile diplomatic approach

Comey memos renew questions over Trump’s behavior

I am addicted to CNN. Always have been. Always will be… addicted that is.

What CNN does is to provide the drug for news addicts like me.

The only problem with this addiction is that the quality of the drug has entirely changed and using it as I do everyday could affect my health.

It certainly has affected my view, and so many millions of others, about the validity of CNN during this era when it has changed its venue from all around news service to the hammer against the president and everything Republican.

CNN still believes it is fair and balanced, a news service to be honored for its news gathering talent.

But as to being fair, that train left the station a long time ago.

CNN is a tool of everything anti-Trump, anti-Republican and an anti whatever is suggested by the dreaded “other side.”

If you do not think as CNN does, then you aren’t thinking properly.

Here’s the rub.

CNN this morning headlined a typical tale about the president’s threat to walk out on Kim Jong un if he acts like the murdering totalitarian dictator that he is when they sit down for a talk.

The talk is everything but that was not the headline. The headline was how the president, the first to meet with Kim — an incredible thing by itself while not exactly a triumph of American democracy — a beginning. It is a beginning no other president has achieved in 50 years and it comes at a time when the North Koreans hold nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

No American presidents carefully, logically, quietly, nicely conceived and delivered messages to Kim have worked to get him to the table to resolve the issues.

Only the threats of his annihilation seem to have worked.

It is volatile, indeed.

But it is necessary for anyone speaking to a totalitarian murdering dictator.


Otherwise he won’t be made to listen.

If Trump walks out if he doesn’t listen, well then, we’re back to square one, aren’t we?

Next to the CNN passion for the Comey memos.

Literature, this is not.

The truth?


What are the Comey memos?

They are writings he conjured up to make money from them when the time was right.

Well, now the time is right and he is making money from them.

His writings are not like that of Steinbeck or Joyce.

They are pedestrian looks at the president through his own eyes written by himself in his own lingua franca.

With no one listening in, or looking over his shoulder or acting as a fly on the wall while the two spoke, what is that worth?

How do those observations have any real meaning in the legal sense that Comey is intending they have?

As CNN headlined, Comey’s memos renew questions over Trump’s behavior.

Indeed they do — and they do so much more to show exactly how CNN distorts the news.

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