Mud-Slinging Suits Frauds Like James Comey

When I was growing up in the 1960s, J. Edgar Hoover was the FBI Director, was perhaps parading around Washington at night dressed as a woman, having sex with men, and holding files with personal secrets on every significant and insignificant person in the United States.

Hoover was vile and evil in every way, although as a cross dresser, he’d be praised today.

He epitomized what an FBI Director should not be… and yet… he was a revered person in the United States, a public official like no other, who received nearly unanimous praise for his leadership of our chief law enforcement agency.

I owned and read several books about the FBI and Hoover — filled with lies and rather extravagant assertions about Hoover’s role, how he acted, what he did, all those over whom he held a Sword of Damocles.

It all seemed right to me and to millions of Americans.

What I have come to learn in a long life is that the FBI Director is about the last person on this earth whom anyone can trust, as he is a holder of secrets and it doesn’t matter who he is or when he rules the agency.

Fast forward to the Jim Comey era at the FBI.

The new “truth” we are fed about the FBI is that the Comeys of the American government and law enforcement landscape are so good they reside somewhere above the law in a legal heaven of sorts, and they shouldn’t be touched, at least this is the modern belief.

This was his reputation, like Hoover’s, until something went very wrong — his bullshit moves that probably upset the election and this new book he has written — which is proof positive that his animus drives him as much as his professed love for being right and just all the time.

You see, the Jim Comeys of the American legal justice system are neither right or just. They are highly-paid operatives dancing their own jig, believing they are above the whims and cries of an American president or anyone else who dares to challenge their leadership. And they believe they are above the law.

Comey’s petty descriptions of the president — as well-informed and literary as they might pretend to be — are nothing more than slaps on the president’s face by the FBI Director he removed and humiliated.

Where I come from, this is called payback.

In the modern world, the James Comeys of the Federal Government can’t stop complaining because he was fired — the indignity of it all — when in reality — he’s just another J. Edgar Hoover — not driving around Washington wearing a dress but thinking he is above the law.

He isn’t.

He doesn’t even have the common sense or the dignity to simply shut his mouth and walk into the sunset.

His book reveals this.

We already know the president.

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