Syria Too Much a Danger to Kill the Murderer Assad

Right after President Trump said he’d be blowing up Assad’s ability to launch chemical attacks on his own people the echoes of the passivist voices who worry about hurting anyone — let alone a monster of a murderer like Assad — all chimed in.

“We could be getting ourselves into something bad.”

“It isn’t legal to bomb Syria.”

“We don’t have a strategy — and you can’t do anything without a strategy.”

Taking these from the top… here you go:

The argument we could be getting ourselves into trouble is the most pleasing and odious to those of us who are Jewish.

The world will recall when Auschwitz and all the death camps were in high gear and the United States might have bombed the railways leading to the camps ending the slaughter, Roosevelt said the war effort was just too important to be getting distracted with millions of Jews being exterminated.

Of course he didn’t say that this way — but he did nothing, which was the bottom line.

President Trump might order a fussilade of cruise missiles and aircraft strikes at Assad’s military bases to send a powerful message about poison gas use against powerless civilians — Syrians, that is.

Far more powerful would be to bomb Assad’s palace in the hope that he was inside.

Can you imagine killing Assad?

“Bombing the palace of the chief murderer of the 21st Century isn’t the right thing to do. It is illegal.

But isn’t it illegal to use poison gas and to butcher 600,000 of your people and exile another 5 million?

I don’t understand those who think this way.

I pretend to understand.

Killing Hitler would have been the wrong thing to do when he was coming to power and promising to ill all the Jews.

“You just can’t do that. It would have been illegal,” many well meaning, educated, cowards and fools would claim.

“We don’t have a strategy,” is the most laughable of the warnings against us taking action, when to take no action is the crime.

What strategy have we had during the past 10 years?

What strategy have we had that mitigated at all the slaughter and the wholesale exile of so many millions of Syrians and the destruction of so much of Syria except for the well to do protected by Russia and Syria and now Iran — and for what — so poison gas can be dumped on Syrians so the regime can stand.

The regime needs to be taken down and the Russians — of whom Assad is the puppet-in-chief — and Iranians made to exit.

What needs to be done to do this?

It is called will and common sense.

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