Mueller Being Fired? Who Really Cares?

The investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is as big a joke bit of liberal Democratic payback as the Republican sponsored investigation into former President Bill Clinton by Ken Starr was the same.

Starr spent about $100 million in order to (not) get Clinton impeached.

Mueller is well on his way to doing the same thing.

It is in every way, as the president likes to say, a witch-hunt.

Now as the special prosecutor comes closer to the president’s personal finances, the president’s inclination quite naturally is to protect himself.

In this instance, firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might cause the special prosecutor to take pause about whatever it is he and his small army of government lawyers are doing.

The president obviously, absolutely, incontestably has the right to fire whomever he wants who works under him.

It is an absolute presidential right but one which must be taken seriously or the media pounces on you and you are accused of creating a constitutional crisis.

Carl Bernstein has said on numerous occasions on CNN that “we are in a constitutional crisis with a lawless president.”

When Bernstein reported on Watergate, he was right about that.

I don’t think this adds up to Watergate.

Why am I not fearful of the president’s so-called lawlessness and his want to use whatever he has the right to use to act in the manner of a president?

The bottom line in all of this political/legal posturing to eliminate the president because so many Americans dislike him — and especially the Democrats — is to create a crisis.

This crisis creation media scenario is now in full swing in all the liberal media.

It is a doomsday scenario for the president, it is predicted, and it just might be that if he fires Mueller.

It is not Mueller who matters.

What matters is the rule of constitutional law.

If the president acts and fires the special prosecutor, then the Congress and the Senate can act to impeach him if this is the desire and the votes are there.

The only question about the impeachment would be this: for what?

He has the right to fire the special prosecutor.

Can he be impeached for firing a Federal employee when to do so is his right?

I don’t think so.

Can he be impeached because so many Democrats remain upset he is the president?


Can he be impeached?

Could the votes in the House and the Senate be there to sustain such a verdict?


What happens to the United States in this instance?

Not very much except for Democrats to be very disappointed the constitutional crisis they have created cannot get them what they want.

This is the same bitter pill Republicans had to swallow when all Special Prosecutor Starr got was an impeachment about a dress with some semen on it.

Everything will go on here nicely without Mueller, et al.

The government will stay away from reforming immigration, making health care affordable, putting an end to the college loan nightmare for our children, remove Social Security from bankruptcy along with Medicare, and on and on and on.

The do-nothing American government will decide what to do with President Trump should he fire Robert Mueller.

Everything is in good hands, isn’t it?

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