Syrian Poison Gas attack Produces a Yawn at the United Nations

At the United Nations this week it is business as usual, making claims of Israeli atrocities — possible crimes against humanity — for killing a number of rioting Palestinians during a huge demonstration at the entrance to the Gaza strip.

Not a word of crimes against humanity for the poison gas attack in Syria.

Why not?

Because this is Islamic versus Islamic crimes and they don’t count when it comes to crimes against humanity.

Only the Israelis’ attempting to crush an onslaught of 30,000 Gazans wanting to break down the fence and enter Israel and slaughter everyone they can — women, children, cripples, old people — as long as they are Jews — is what matters to the UN.

This is OK by the United Nations awkward world standard.

Syrian poison gas attacks are OK too by the UN standard.


Because it is Islamic politeness with one another in the face of the crudest form of barbarism and that is, using poison gas on innocents, let alone participants in the genocide now going on and which has been ongoing for 6 years.

About 500,000 dead in Syria at the bloodied hands of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, and everything goes on as usual.

At the UN, there are no tribunals being planned, no claims of genocide or barbarism, no real outcry against the use of poison gas in attacks on his own people.

Beautiful really in all of its ironic qualities.

Five million Syrians exiled because they don’t pray the right way to Allah and not a ripple of interest is exhorted by the United Nations.

It is just described as a terrible thing — a humanitarian disaster.

There is nothing that can be done at the UN but to demonize Israelis for protecting themselves against angry hoards of Islamic folks trying to do to the Israelis what Assad has done to the Syrians.

A friend wrote to me about Syria being named to the UN’s Commission on Disarmament this week!

God that’s so beautiful it defies even the most inane view of common sense.

Back to the poison gas attack.

No one knows who really did it.

Assad and the Russians hide behind the veil of “we don’t need to do things like that because we are winning the war against the extremists.”

The rebels tell another story.

They have no air support. No airplanes. No bombers. They can’t be dropping barrels of gas from the sky on their own people.

And so the world stands by watching the continuing slaughter in Syria at the hands of the Syrians, Iranians and Russians — with the world standing by, the UN standing by, and the only cries heard from the world body: the Israelis might be guilty of crimes against humanity.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Fitting? Isn’t it?

The UN — hypocrisy with a capital UN.

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