The Newest War Touted by the Media; The Trade War — Trade Going Nuclear

For those of you out there all concerned by the various wars President Donald Trump is preparing to start or have already begun, now comes the Trade War.

Not exactly Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan, but being pointed to as a war never the less by the liberal media.

In its lust to have us involved in a war, the Trade War is almost perfect but sadly lacking in battlefield deaths and the bombing of civilians and crimes against humanity.

Again, not quite World War II or Korea, Vietnam, or Iraq, the media now has us involved in a Trade War or The Trade War.

There are no bomb shelters necessary for this war.

No anti-missile shields need to be developed.

There is no radioactivity — except for what comes at us on the television news and in all forms of media which we listen to at our own risk.

I have been wondering how the Trade War will effect my daughter’s $72,000 tuition at Boston University next year?

Also, my mind wanders to apartment housing here in Boston, where a younger person just starting out can attempt to find a studio or a one bedroom apartment for under $3,000 a month?

Median home prices put such housing out of the reach of common people and decent wage earners with excellent credit.

No trade war with these prices being effected — and I could go on and on.

I am hearing soy beans will cost more.

Flat screen television sets will rise in price.

The shoes we wear, the clothing we put on everyday, the many items we pick up all the time which we take for granted will all go up.

What are we to do?

Let’s get good and terrorized by the Trade War, and discuss it as though we are planning an invasion of France that begins in Normandy on the beaches.

This newest war effort by the president to capture the world’s interest without causing anyone any harm is the perfect ploy to set the media running about again speaking of a war — a war we cannot win.

The modern media adores wars we cannot win.

It loves doom and gloom.

What about a national trade war to bring down the cost of college tuition?

What about a war or a series of trade battles domestically to bring down the 28% interest charges set upon consumers with their credit cards at a time when interest charges shouldn’t be more than 5% or 6%?

What about a trade war domestically that brings down the price for burying the dead — an average of $10,000 – $15,000 is needed for a poor man’s funeral to bury our loved ones in the ground.

Trump declaring a trade war, and no less with China, our largest trading partner, is not the end of our democracy or the end of capitalism.

Whatever it is, we will all get through it, the same way we have gotten through 15-year wars that cost trillions more than this alleged trade war.

The Trade War now being touted and feared by the media will have no victims except for those unwitting fools who buy into it.

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  1. Russel says:

    It’s unfortunate the major media don’t give us a chance to assess the implications of this tariff battle objectively. So crazed are they by Trump, so steeped in TrumpContempt, there is nothing but shrillness and fear mongering attached to virtually all their coverage, A few simple facts might provide perspective:
    1) we spend way over a billion days a day more on Chinese imports than they do on ours
    2) this translates directly into closed USA factories and blue collar workers being thrown out of work
    3) Chinese competing firms do no have to bear the expenses of environmental protections
    4) Chinese workers are compelled to work for low wages–union activity results in lengthy jail terms

    China has abused our trusting, easy going ways for a long time—and they have been pilfering our technology relentlessly and shamelessly. Just yesterday a Chinese scientist in Kansas was convicted for stealing and trying to forward to China highly costly research on seeds for food crops.

    This is not just Trump attacking Rosie O’Donnell or, inexplicably, attacking a Gold Star Mother–this is a very smart business guy seeing the steady hollowing out of industrial America and having the resolve to do something. If there is a trade war–USA will surely prevail.

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