Dictator Eats Luxury Delights on Trip; Our President is in the Trenches with His People

The reports keep coming in, especially on CNN, that Kim Jong-un was eating lobster and drinking fine wine inside the family tank on railroad wheels that sped through the night to Beijing and back recently.

What a surprise.

One dictator going to meet another dictator and everyone eating sumptuous meals and treating one another like buddies so the world can see is so predictable.

North Korea’s people living in mind-boggling poverty and constant need of food have no idea their leader was eating lobster and drinking fine wine on the family train ride through the starving, penniless, freezing countryside.

Much less would they care, as they have been brainwashed into believing their leader is a God.

Compare this gluttonness, obscene scenario to that of President Trump’s when he is traveling from place to place.

CNN would have you believe that our president is a dictator of the Kim Jong-un genre — but he isn’t.

Not when it coms to how he eats.

Countless reports have surfaced about the president’s food regimen, i.e., his diet, or complete lack of one.

He drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day, eats many bags of potato chips, downs 2 to 3 Big Macs, as well as boxes of Kentucky Fried chicken, and loves junk food of all kinds.

So for the simple delight of comparing one of the world’s nastiest dictators with the American president, we know this — Kim is overweight in a nation where people by and large survive in the countryside and outside of Pyongyang with starvation-style diets of roots, rats, and mud.

There are no lobsters and no Bordeaux wine in the North Korean countryside.

Nor are there Diet Cokes and Big Macs, Kentucky Fried chicken, or potato chips.

As for Trump, he leads a nation that is largely overweight and with citizens literally and physically killing themselves with junk food.

Get it — the American president represents his people well and he shows this with his diet.

It is a common diet.

It is hardly a dictator’s diet.

He drinks too much cheap soda filled with chemicals. He eats way too much junk food, bulky crap-like stuff with no nutrients, and intakes lots of fat and carbs and not much of anything that is healthy.

No live lobsters and Bordeaux wine, as our president doesn’t care for lobster and does not drink.

Catch that?

Doesn’t drink. Doesn’t smoke. Doesn’t cheat on his wife.

Wait a minute.

There is some question about this… but none about the president’s common diet and his connection to Americans across the land who eat the same way he does.

The armored Kim family train speeding through the night with the disgusting folks inside dipping their lobster into butter and then shoving it inside their mouths with a sip of Bordeaux following is a harsh contrast to the American president living as millions of Americans already live.

You can hate the president, but his pedestrian diet is truly something that connects him with our people, who by the way, are not starving as he moves through the night wherever he visits.

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