Putin Bragging about Russian Missiles That Can’t Be Destroyed

Russian dictator/president Vladimir Putin seemed to threaten the United States late last week and over the weekend as he touted Russia’s new and more powerful ultrasonic speed intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Forgive me for not shaking in my boots.

Was he really insisting that he might use such missiles against the United States and if he was, when is he planning to do this, and under what circumstance?

The folks at CNN played this up as though the Russians might very well be launching these against us as soon as they become operational.

What then, CNN seemed to ask?

Coulds the Russians sneak this in on us?

Are we behind in a new arms race?

CNN is great at posing all the right questions on a story about missiles that will never be launched.

When such a new missile is used against the US, it would mark the end of the world as we know it.

Our retaliation after such an attack would lead to the end of Russia as a modern state.

It would reduce Russia to ashes — and we would be reduced to ashes as well.

Is Putin suggesting the end of the world is coming because he has this new instrument of death?

I hope not.

Was he really suggesting the use of this new missile?

I doubt it.

Why then all the hubbub?

“He’s playing to the home crowd — fellow Russians who want to believe Russia is strong and capable of attacking the US,” said any number of US/Russia commentators.

I’m not sure exactly what this means.

After all, if they use this new missile on us, they disappear — or do they think that Russia’s weapon is so powerful we couldn’t or wouldn’t respond because we are all lying back watching our wide screen TVs, or drinking Starbucks coffee, or driving around in our SUVs like stereotypically moronic Americans?

I don’t know.

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