Worrying about Trump Giving Out Pardons is to Doubt the Constitution

There is a wonderful, typical, neurotic left-leaning piece on CNN this morning done by Anderson Cooper who is petrified President Trump could use the power of the pardon to take care of Paul Manaforte and General Flynn.

With the sweep of his pen on a piece of paper that says Manaforte and Flynn are pardoned, the president can put to rest their agony.

Their alleged involvement in a Ken Starr-style investigation that is going from nothing to nowhere about their collusion with Russia to throw the presidential election would be at an end.

And if the president does this, he has done nothing whatsoever illegal, unethical, or irresponsible.

Without seeking to get Anderson all twisted up in history, I can assert with a great deal of knowledge about the presidential pardon, that every American president since the time of George Washington, has had this right.

This right to pardon for nearly whatever reason a president might construe, is the only bit in the US Constitution that gives the president the absolute right to act with the power of a king.

The pardon power a president has allows him to do as he pleases with presidential pardons.

The president can’t be indicted for using the pardon power.

He may be indicted by the national press, but the power, like the Second Amendment, remains absolute and untouched, sacred even over the course of history.

In 1996 I won a Regional Emmy Award for a three-part series on NBC about the presidential pardon.

What I came away with is this: the pardon can be questioned but it can’t be changed. It is absolute in a world where journalists here don’t know how to deal with such a thing.

Pardoning Manaforte and Flynn to get around Robert Mueller’s witch hunt is an absolute presidential right that cannot be challenged.

Mind you, it can be challenged in the liberal national press — but the pardons, if they are awarded, cannot be changed.

The president acts with the power of a king when he issues pardons.

Trump knows this. The media know this.

He will make use of this power.

You can be sure.

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