Trump Causing Gun Sales to Plunge; Remington in Bankruptcy

Can you imagine?

In the ironies of all modern American ironies, the Remington Gun Company has filed for bankruptcy due to plunging gun sales.

President Trump’s administration is apparently the root cause.

Can you imagine?

No you can’t.

Gun sales plunging because we have a president who is forcefully and unequivocally lined up against voices asking for gun control and all efforts to touch in any way Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

Unbelievable, you say?


Gun sales plunging and Remington going out of business because Trump is president.

What could be better than this for the left?

It is impossible to imagine such a scenario, that is again, Trump’s presidency marking the severe decline of gun sales across the nation and the bankruptcy of our oldest gun manufacturer since 1815.

What to do?

Don’t get rid of Trump is the mantra if you want fewer guns being sold to the American public.

During the Obama administration, gun sales soared because of the feeling among gun owners and constitutionalists that the Second Amendment was going to be tampered with.

Now comes former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens suggesting this week that efforts need to be to launched to get rid of the Second Amendment; to pass a constitutional amendment, banning the Second Amendment, striking it from the Constitution.

This is the way to unite the nation by banning gun sales.

This too will not pass the muster.

What to do with Remington, which is as American as apple pie?

The bankruptcy court has allowed a $75 million loan to sustain the company through the bankruptcy during which time Remington will wipe out about $650 million in debt and return as a healthy company manufacturing guns and selling them to distributors for many years to come.

This is, after all, America, where almost anything is possible — even gun sales falling because Trump is president.

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