Chaos in the White House? I Don’t Think So

The daily pejorative in the liberal media, and among those in the media who are not liberal and who do not understand, is this: President Donald Trump is not a man in chaos.

He is a man alone in his world, a world of his own making, for better or worse, an American life devoted to self and to accomplishment at nearly any cost — including what everyone thinks about him.

So the notion of chaos in his administration is a notion held by the media and put out there to explain how little the media knows about the man who is president even after quite some time has passed.

First of all, President Trump is difficult to impossible to work for.

It is his way or no way, in general, and probably in specific.

The media can’t adjust to a president who acts on his own, who makes decisions on his own, who forges forward the only way he knows how and generally gets what he is seeking out of life, out of his life.

How does this effect the American people?

Is the White House in chaos and therefor we are in chaos as the media suggests everyday?

I don’t think so.

In my meanderings about the area where I live, on the ocean near to Boston, I see no evidence of chaos here.

Even in Washington, D.C. where my daughter is at college, I evidence no chaos when I visit, and I know Washington fairly well as I worked for a congressman when I went to college there many years ago.

Chaos, classically, for me, and for anyone who has been visited by it in our lives, is not a comfortable place to be.

Like anxiety, chaos can have a fairly substantial negative effect on our daily lives.

The White House chief of staff is asked to leave or steps down to be replaced by another chief of staff who will likely be asked to leave or who steps down — well — what does it matter?

A new Treasury secretary is named as the Treasury secretary leaves — really — who cares and what interest do I have in this at all during my day?

The Education Secretary is said to know nothing about education — well — as my mentor would have said to me in that joking Irish style, “thoroughly qualified to be the education secretary.”

And on and on and on it goes, the merry go round of Washington as reported by the national press and we are left to believe that we are a nation in chaos.

Those people writing about chaos have little to no idea what chaos is writing about it watching the national government.

For instance, during the Civil War, following the Battle of Gettysburg, and so many thousands of deaths on the American battlefield, perhaps 20,000, there was no chaos described inside the White House where Abraham Lincoln, resolute but depressed at the slaughter, carried on his daily tasks.

Mind you, the slaughter of about 20,000 Americans on a battlefield in three days is all about chaos.

It is certainly not about winning or living with ease — and yet Gettysburg is reported as a victory by the Northern press.

The victory over Southern secessionist tyranny is not reported as evidence of chaos or of the slaughter and destruction that is to follow which is about chaos, it is simply and repeatedly reported as a victory.

Some even celebrate.

President Trump firing cabinet members, firing lawyers and hiring new lawyers, going one way one day and going one way on another is not chaos.

As odd as it sounds, it is his style and his strategy.

Keep everyone guessing; never make a decision you can’t change; always forge ahead and listen not to the media telling you you are in chaos.

This is the president by design.

How long will it take the media to figure this out?

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