Kim Jong-un in Beijing?

Why do I think about Stalin and the Russian royal family before the revolution when I see photographs in the morning news today about Kim Jong-un traveling to Bejing on the armored family train?

Why are there parallels to this monster and the monsters past who we treat as world leaders, visiting Bejing, most likely, to reposition himself before he meets with President Trump?

It is anyone’s guess what Kim is doing in Bejing.

Was he called there by the Chinese leadership?

Does the Trump summit with Kim have anything to do with it?

Could Trump have orchestrated a meeting between the Chinese and the North Korean dictator in order to get a worthwhile deal between all the parties?

Who knows?

Again, it is anyone’s guess what Kim is doing in Bejing.

What I love are the rumors of gorgeous young North Korean women staffing the armored family train stocked with Bourdeaux wine and lobster, winding its way at high speed through the North Korean countryside on a long train ride to Bejing.

God what I’d give to be a fly on the wall of the “royal” suite inside that armored train.

I am again reminded of Stalin’s armored private trains making their way occasionally around Russia when he was the dictator who determined life or death… for millions of his countrymen and women.

Millions of his countrymen made that train ride without any comfort and not on armored trains to Siberia.

In the case of Kim, his ride takes him through among the most poverty-ridden and starving parts of the Korean peninsula on his way to the controlled state of China.

China, today, looks more like America although the smog is worse in Bejing than it is in Los Angeles.

Back to being the fly on the wall inside the “royal suite” on the armored train passing through the night on its way to Bejing: What must Kim be thinking?

More importantly, is he eating lobster and drinking wine and making love with the young women with whom his vassals stocked the train as if they are chattel or food?

Of course he is doing all of this because he gives life or death or rather, takes life or gives a reprieve from death.

What about when he is in Bejing and off the armored train inside rooms that the Chinese have bugged, where he cannot consider himself absolutely safe?

What then?

What then of meeting the leader of China, today among the mightiest of leaders, one red state leader meeting another red state leader — one appearing very much the leader of a great nation, the other looking very much like a smalltime dictator playing with atomic weapons?

I know this — they are Asian together and this alone separates them from the Americans or Europeans.

Yet being Asians together is not enough for these people because the Chinese have shared a 1,000-year enmity with the Koreans, whom they have never treated very well or with much dignity.

So there you go, Kim is in Beijing.

What’s next?

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