Stormy Daniels, Again…

If you go to RedTube, the most popular website on the Internet — which is a porn site — and you call up Stormy Daniels, well, what a thing follows when you stare onto your computer screen.

I want to warn our readers that doing this is not an easy thing for everyone, as many of us look at pornography as filth, dirtiness, and all other terms used to describe what is disgusting about sex.

Personally, I have no problems with pornography or Stormy Daniels as a representative of just about everything that is rotten to the core about our society.

Stormy isn’t rotten to the core but she comes very close.

On RedTube you get a nice close-up look of Stormy doing what she does best — which is to copulate in every way possible with tattooed men and women with cameramen and women all watching.

On RedTube, there are 48 videos of Stormy.

They are titled “Magic Touch,” “Erotic Sins of My Neighbor,” and “Romantic Oral Sex Scene with Stormy,” to name a few.

When you go to RedTube and her site comes up, here is what you see: Stormy with her alluring face and blonde hair flowing down to her breasts. She is naked, with her legs spread wide, kind of sitting up on her back just a bit.

Stormy’s face is what I most like.

It is the face of an actor.

It is the face of a woman who has sex for money almost exclusively at least during this time in her life.

There was never an amount of money Stormy wouldn’t take to perform any kind of sex scene, although I’m not sure she did bondage scenes.

She was a prostitute for sex and sex alone, and a bit of fame for spreading her legs and being invaded by several thousand men.

Fast forward to 60 Minutes Sunday evening, with Anderson Cooper interviewing Stormy.

60 Minutes touted this as a sensational interview, a headline grabber, an eye-popper, a serious interview with a woman who has been wronged, and not only wronged but threatened, and no less than by an American president.

CBS producers claimed Anderson spent a week in the editing room for just the right affect for the bit on 60 Minutes.

Too bad Stormy wasn’t in there with him!

Millions of Americans watched this show Sunday evening.

So typical of American television viewers to be enraptured by Anderson Cooper, who lives with a man, interviewing Stormy, who has opened her legs to the world — and for what?


Stormy told us she was threatened 11 years ago by an unknown man who made a passing reference to how sad it would be if her child didn’t have a mother or something like that.

I collapsed in front of my flat screen when I heard her say this.

My kids had to revive me and then I started watching again.

Why, I wondered, didn’t she go to the police or bring this to the public’s attention 11 years ago?

Who cares.

The show was like dope.

I couldn’t get enough of it.

And then it all kind of made me sick.

I’m watching a porn star, a degenerate of the first magnitude, being presented like a prom queen when the music stopped.

60 Minutes ought to think again about a sequel.

When you’ve watched one pornographic interview you’ve very frankly seen them all.

In fact, I would suggest the CBS team got to RedTube and watch Stormy really, honestly, doing her thing.

There is, after all, a great deal of honesty about people like Stormy who take their clothes off and copulate for money.

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