“Trump’s appointment of Bolton raises concern in Asia”: Oh, Really?

The above is Friday’s headline in the New York Times.

One would believe that appointing John Bolton the president’s national security advisor was as dangerous or more dangerous than the nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles the North Koreans have been building virtually unfettered for the past 25 years.

Reporters and editors for the Times obviously have an unusual view of what is dangerous and what is not.

For instance, Bolton does not have access to launching nuclear weapons.

Kim does.

What bothers the Times most, I think, is Bolton’s bellicosity toward the Kim Jong un regime, and his fears about the North Koreans using an atomic bomb on us before we’d have to respond by obliterating that nation and reducing it to a pile of ash and rubble.

The Time’s article says this: “President Trump’s decision to name John R. Bolton as his national security adviser stirred concerns in Asia on Friday about a hardening of American foreign policy that could set the stage for conflict in an already tense part of the world.”

The Times expresses the belief that Mr. Bolton’s hard line on Korea is a mistake and that Bolton’s comments recently that the president should tell the North Korean leader that unless he quickly commits in talks to total denuclearization, the president should try something else — hinting at a pre-emptive military strike.

This type of reasoning in the face of the North Korea’s nuclearization reveals the fundamental unreality in the New York Times reporting in this instance.

It is the North Koreans who are destabilizing Southeast Asia, not the Americans, not the Chinese, not the Japanese, not the folks who live on Okinawa — not even the Russians are destabilizing Southeast Asia.

It is the North Koreans who are waging a faux nuclear war, promising a nuclear winter for the US and by proxy for anyone else standing in their way as they proceed without any action from a world just watching and mainly concerned about doing nothing.

This type of inaction in the face of totalitarian North Korean leadership dedicated to having the capacity to nuke the US and Japan reminds some of us who are Jewish of what the Jews used to say to those who said Hitler would be OK. “Just don’t bother him. Be quiet. The danger will go away.”

The ultimate Jewish bit of denial and failed strategy was this: to tell those who complained loudly about Hitler to shut their mouths: “Do you want to get us killed!”

This type of Jewish sentiment remains today in the United States among upper middle class Jews who want Israel to capitulate in the face of Palestinian demands, as though meeting every Palestinian (Hamas and Hezbollah) demand will lead to peace without Palestinians first recognizing that Israel is here to stay.

Back to Bolton and North Korea.

Bolton isn’t the enemy as the Times article suggests.

The enemy is American and world inertia when it comes to North Korea.

About 50 years of inertia is now coming home to roost and liberals are now believing that Kim will de-nuclearize the North Korean peninsula if we are nice to him.

Bolton says this is a dream.

Bolton has derided South Korea for trying to play peacemaker with North Korea, saying the South was “like putty in North Korea’s hands” and that “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

I believe Bolton is correct.

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