Is Stephen Colbert Smart? Yes. Is He Funny? Definitely Not

My wife listens to Stephen Colbert quite often.

She laughs hilariously at his wit, his lack of charm, his neurotic fast paced shouting style all of which I find offensive.

Colbert has millions of followers.

Typical of American audiences, everyone laughs when his entire manner just isn’t funny.

What he says and the skits he plays out are witty and smarmy and they are nearly all politically correct or correct entirely but, and this is the but for me, not for all those laughing heartily, he is vulgar, his manner is offensive and he is nearly always obscene.

His undifferentiated monologue shouted out like a guy running a sprint that never ends is filled with talk about people “cumming,” “fucking,” “pissing,” “sucking,” and on and on and on.

I find him vile.

I find his manner vile.

His entire presentation is spewed like a race or a machine gun.

There is always the hope when I am listening that he will simply explode and we can be done with him.

As my wife laughs and laughs and laughs I listen and grow morbid and disgruntled.

How can so many millions feel this guy is funny?

Again, he is smart but he is not funny.

The screaming, speeding, incessant nature of his monologue is tiring and again, so incessant as to cause harm if you have your wits about you and are forced to be in the presence of such noise.

I write this column and so I am speaking for myself, although I hope and trust I am speaking for a legion of others dwarfed by the numbers of happy laughing folks listening to Colbert when I say, he is maddeningly offensive to me.

Not what he says. Not his monologue, but rather, how he delivers it, how he screeches and contorts his face.

If I were to do a very cheap psychoanalytic look at him, I’d say he is a guy heading for a major depression, unless he is already there or something even worse.

Until that time, he goes on and on, with millions reveling in his genius and untouched by the filth that comes out of his mouth with no regard for standards in the effort to make obscenity funny.

Obscenity is funny but for me, Stephen Colbert is just an obscenity and not much fun to watch or to listen to even though he is very very smart.

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