70 Million Brace for Nor’Easter; 300 Million Relaxing Behind Flat Screens

Is the weather Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, right-wing or leftist?

Of course the weather is inevitably what it is wherever it is happening and we all put up with it.

However there is a new way for the media to broadcast the weather on television, in the print media and on the Internet.

This new way of reporting the weather goes a bit like this — snowstorms are broadcast as blizzards and non-blizzards are now broadcast as cyclone bombs.

A snowstorm is a snowstorm is a snowstorm.

Cyclone bomb?

Are you kidding me and everyone else living through these storms?

So here we are today again awaiting a snowstorm and the weather reports are going like this: “70 million people bracing for a Nor’Easter.”

This is the headline appearing in on CNN.

Al Roker on NBC will add to that total on his broadcasts this morning as though Armageddon is heading for the Northeast today.

The expanding and dreary sensationalization of the weather is typical of the propaganda we are all now experiencing in our lives when touched by the media.

For instance, how many millions are experiencing below freezing temperature right now and trying to get their way into the spring?

100 million? 200 million?

In the United States there are at all times 100’s of millions of people trying to escape cold, tornadoes, thunder storms… and now cyclone bombs.

Yes, more people died in traffic accidents yesterday than in all the cyclone bombs broadcast during the past three months.

In fact, when I reference a cyclone bomb to my children I refer to it as what happens when I go to the bathroom.

That can sometimes be a cyclone bomb!

The cyclone bomb assignation is the ultimate tampering with our common sense as human beings living through the various weather patterns that fall upon us.

The real cyclone bomb is the indifference most Americans have and exhibit everyday to our bankrupt politics, bankrupt treasury, bankrupt morality, and the bankrupt view of the future.

Social security being bankrupt is a true cyclone bomb.

Medicare broke is a cyclone bomb.

Millions unable to pay for healthcare in a society like ours is a cyclone bomb.

In fact, just about everything I think about that really matters is more dangerous than what is now being called a cyclone bomb or weather reports noting that 70 million are to be concerned and to seek shelter from the snow falling out of the sky.

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