Who Cares about the Firing of Andrew McCabe?

Ask me if I care that the FBI’s second in command under James Comey has ben fired two days before he gets his pension for serving 20 years.

I don’t care — and you shouldn’t care either.

Who, these days, gets to work 20 years at anything, at any job, let alone being the second in command at the FBI and doing things you’re not supposed to do and keeping secrets you are not supposed to keep and then expecting to retire at 49 with a pension larger than anything most American workers could ever dream of less imagine?

Andrew McCabe’s sins have come back to bite him, proving that even in a politically correct nation where nothing seems to matter, FBI employees don’t have lifetime rights to their jobs or their pensions.

Let’s get serious.

Employees throughout this nation lose their pensions and their health insurance after decades of service every day.

This is why there are so many thousands of lawyers practicing law who specialize in representing those people who have lost their jobs and their pensions.

In the case of McCabe, the Office of the Inspector General recommended that he be terminated.

Even in the age of President Trump it is near to impossible to have the OIG issue a report that is fraudulent to do the president’s bidding.

Yet the liberal media is bemoaning McCabe’s loss as though he was some kind of decorated American patriot having his pension stolen from him and being tossed from his job.

The origin of his dramatic fall stems from an internal review conducted by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. That report — the details of which have not been publicly released — is said to conclude that McCabe misled investigators about his role in directing other officials at the FBI to speak to The Wall Street Journal about his involvement in a public corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to a source briefed on it.

Of course, McCabe denies all of this when in fact the allegations against him have been proven and his firing justified.

I would recommend that McCabe get himself a good lawyer and try to save his pension.

Maybe he can save half of it.

Maybe he can get all of it but hopefully this won’t happen until he’s spent most of what he would get paying his lawyers.

There would be a lesson in this for everyone.

The idea that his firing somehow weakens the American Empire or throws official Washington into chaos is ridiculous.

He’s just a primary example of a Federal employee who came to believe he is untouchable unlike American workers and employees of corporations all over the land by the millions who have lost their health insurance, their pensions, their pride and everything else that goes down the drain with such a loss.

McCabe is not yet 50.

He will have plenty of time to get another job or to write a book and make millions off the nothingness he did for two decades seated in his office saying yes to Comey at the FBI.

McCabe losing his job and his pension is a loss for him.

It is not a loss at all for the nation.

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