Tillerson is Gone; Pompeo is In

Rex Tillerson is riding into the sunset of a short term as Secretary of State under President Donald Trump.

It ended badly for Tillerson, who is, after all, a bright guy who headed Exxon which is like being president of a worldwide corporation more powerful than many nations on this earth put together.

Now that all of us have come to know President Trump as well as we do, we ask ourselves, how could it have ended any other way for Tillerson.

The President is many things but he is not a man who enjoys the comments of other men or women who have minds of their own.

The president is in his own space.

With Tillerson gone, there is one less giant ego around him who he cannot control.

The president is a control freak.

He is the boss.

There are no other bosses for him — except the American electorate.

Does it really matter who the Secretary of State is?

John Kerry is the answer to this question.

Under Kerry, the position took on a major persona of irrelevancy, ending with the Iranian nuclear deal which is a deal without a future.

Kerry’s incessant intrusion into the Middle Eastern deadlock between the Israelis and the Palestinians went from nothing to nowhere — and he spent years waving his irrelevant wand.

I am not sure it matters today who the Secretary of State is.

Mike Pompeo as the next Secretary of State is a better pick than Tillerson.

After all, Tillerson’s strength was with all the Muslim oil producing nations of the world, let alone the Middle East.

As such, it was an impossibility for him to digest Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel and neither could he tolerate Nikki Haley’s new form of honesty before the United Nations about Israel being picked on by the entire body as holocausts go on everywhere else.

Tillerson had nothing much to say or do about Syria.

He had nothing much to say or do about Turkey under the dictator Erdogan.

He had nothing much to say or do about North Korea, which appears to be the fait accompli for his tenure.

The president is hell bent on meeting with Kim Jong un without pre-conditions on the same platform.

He would say as I would say — who cares about how it looks?

Rather, what matters is what we get done to make the situation right.

Our diplomacy for decades has largely been a failure.

We support dictators over democratically elected leaders.

We cow tow to oil producing states.

We carry on endlessly failing policies as though we are practicing the art of diplomacy when in fact we are practicing with great skill the art of failed diplomacy.

Tillerson is gone.

Who cares?

At least Pompeo has his head on straight when it comes to Muslim terrorism and the complicity of Muslim religious leaders in saying nothing, doing nothing and turning their heads when the slaughter of their own people or others ramps up.

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