White House Suggests Training and Arming Teachers in Public Schools

Education Secretary Betsy Voss was buried with angry questions from NBC’s Savannah Guthrie this morning.

Guthrie was all over Voss because the president appears to have backed away from upping the age for purchasing firearms to 21 from 18.

Guthrie was especially assertive to Voss about the prospect that many teachers who are willing to do so, will be trained and armed to protect kids in our public schools from mass murderers.

Protecting our kids from mass murderers is a good idea so long as nothing is done about gun control.

But making gun control the only mantra and coming down on teachers arming themselves to cut the possibility of the next mass murder makes no sense at all.

If you are a liberal, having no guns in schools makes good sense.

Guns don’t belong in schools, period.

Guns do belong in schools if we are to stop mass murders in our schools.

One mass murder stopped by a teacher carrying a gun is better than another mass murder, and another and another.

So far, there have been 28 mass murders.

How many more before kids get the protection that we all have at sporting events, inside churches, and at public places of assembly everywhere?

One police officer posted at the door to a stadium with 65,000 people inside doesn’t do it, does it?

If you are Savannah Gurthrie, you make garbage out of the idea that armed teachers can possibly stop the next massacre from taking place.

In Israel, there are guns inside every classroom, every school, every public place and on and on.


Is this because Israelis hate their children?


It is because Israelis don’t want their children to die at the hands of murderers attempting to pull off massacres of their children.

Of course the only massacres inside Israel are committed by religious Muslims bent on exterminating the Jews inside Israel — and whether it is Israeli kids of adults, they don’t tend to care as long as the event ends up with dead Israelis.

Guns in Israel put a stop to such atrocities.

However, the Savannah Guthries of the American public grow enraged about mass murders inside our public schools but are not wiling to arm teachers to stop them from happening — or at least to give the kids a chance of a massacre not happening.

This is modern America.

The massacres go on and on and the liberal media is hell bent on giving no protection to the kids except raising the legal age for gun purchase.

In a nation with about 250 million guns, that aint gonna work as some people in rural Massachusetts might tend to say.


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  1. Bravo, Mr. Resnek – you nailed it. I would give the Left credit for being consistent in one respect. They seem hell bent on putting political expediency above the life of children, be that life in the womb or the classroom.

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