Why Don’t I Care about Stormy Daniels; And Why You Shouldn’t Care about Her Either

We now know the president, when he was not the president, had an affair with a porn star while he was married and apparently had his attorney give her $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about the affair.

She signed all the documents.

She took the money.

She cashed the check.

She kept her mouth shut and continued doing her thing as a porn star.

I’m not sure what the crime is here other than cheating on your wife with a porn star.

If this is a crime, then the president is guilty of it.

The president has denied the charge.

Unless there are photographs or tapes of the encounters taking place it is he said, she said, and to what end?

But, and this is the big but, he wasn’t the president when he cheated on his wife and had the alleged affair with the porn star.

I’ve seen pictures of Stormy.

Not exactly my type.

Her breasts are so big a part of her anatomy as to make her a bit of a freak for my taste.

Liking someone with such big breasts who is a porn star tells a lot about the president and his taste in women.

These days, even talking about having a taste for women or about women is a civil rights violation, as it very likely should be.

Still, there is the riveting question about his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels.

I want to know what crime has been committed by the president if he had the affair with her.

I want to know what crime has been committed in giving her $130,000 to keep her mouth shut using a lawyer to do it.

I am not sure the president, who was not the president at the time, forced himself on Stormy.

Stormy getting the money is one thing.

Stormy getting the money because the president raped her or she had a child with him, is not what this appears to be about.

It is quite a common thing for high powered individuals like the president to pay people to keep their mouths shut, or to give them jobs in return for their silence.

I am not sure what all the fuss is about except for the media to revel and to delight in finding out that the president had an affair with a porn queen.

Again, what is all the fuss about?

I don’t know?

Do you?



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  1. Kenny Smith says:

    Like you said this is between him and Melania, otherwise this is a big so what!!!!

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