Trump to Meet with Kim Jong-Un; What Could Be Better?

Talks with Kim Jong-Un and President Trump represent no risk for Trump or for Kim.

The announcement Wednesday that the two will meet in May is a stunning indication of how entrepreneurial Trump’s presidency can be.

North Korea experts were all agog over the possibility of the meeting and many of them referred to the possibility that Kim might be ready to denuclearize his nation.

Such talk is pathetic and ridiculous at the same time by people who should know better about human nature.

Kim will not give up his nuclear bombs and missiles under any circumstances.

To speculate this way shows how little the folks watching North Korea understand about its degenerate leader, the history of mankind and modern diplomacy.

After all, this is a degenerate state, a rogue state, a nuclear state that is extremely dangerous to peace in the China-Asia vortex.

The president meeting with Kim will likely not produce much of anything except that the two men meet, size up one another, and walk away from the meeting as though there might be another one or that something has been accomplished.

Could Trump be walking into a massive trap as suggested by CNN? 


The massive trap has been decades of do nothingness by every American president since Eisenhower.

All our diplomatic efforts have added up to zero — nothing — less than nothing.

So much for our diplomacy.

President Clinton’s ineptitude with North Korea is the stuff of legend. 

President Obama’s was all about another beautiful speech; kind of an all revved up but nowhere to go presidential scenario that did nothing to stop North Korea from being able to launch a nuclear tipped missile at the United States.

The president is not, as suggested by CNN, putting the prestige of the United States on line.

He is not putting his own credibility on line.

This isn’t about the president heading to meet Kim as though it is Chamberlain flying into Germany to meet with Hitler — and to then return exclaiming: “Peace in our time.”

The president is hardly walking into a massive trap unless Kim puts him under arrest and we are left with North Korea erased and the president a martyr to the cause.

The president’s inexperience in high stakes diplomacy is meaningless, as he has made useless and ineffectual diplomacy a thing of the past.

This is especially so with the Israelis and Palestinians.

Kim has never met with another head of state.

He’s starting at the top.

The only way he has to go is down.

For the president, well, the only way he can go is up.

Kim meeting with the American president does have him standing side by side on an equal footing with him?

Nothing could be further from reality.

CNN said the president was going to meet Kim without guarantees.

No kidding.

What guarantees have proven to be meaningful during the past 50 years with the North Korean lunatics and dictators.

We’ve been treating them like they are members of the community of man when they are degenerates, frauds, dictators, torturers and starvers of their own people.

The president meeting with Kim is the real thing.

Kim can posture all he wants.

We still have the power to make him disappear long before he can make Los Angeles disappear with a nuclear bomb.

What is there to lose fro this meeting?


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