Monday Morning “Respvblica”: Potpourri of the News

I live in New England and so there must be a few things said about the “cyclone bomb” that hit us over the weekend.

The winds were hurricane force. The tides were astronomically high. Low lands flooded. Beaches eroded. Some beachfront home were damaged. One million people lost their electricity for a day.

Six people died in the entire New England geography affected by the “cyclone bomb.”

Yes, it was a storm. But a “cyclone bomb”?
I don’t know.

I drove from Revere Beach to Salem along the shore Saturday night with the wind howling, the sand swirling, the car being battered by the wind and rain.
The furious ocean was something to watch.

In the end, it was just another storm — not even a blizzard or a huge snowstorm.

“Cyclone bomb”? I’m just not sure about this.

The aftermath of a “cyclone bomb” is a bit like what I’m feeling this morning knowing that Hope Hicks is not the head the White House communications staff.

Hicks left last week.

CNN referred to her resignation as a “stunning loss” for the president. I am 68. I have gone through presidents since Kennedy that I can truly recall. I was never old enough to be an Eisenhower supporter. This being said, I don’t believe today and didn’t believe throughout my life that whomever heads the White House communications department mattered, and this includes Hope Hicks.

There will be a new White House chief of communications — and he or she won’t matter and when he or she leaves it will not be a stunning resignation.

What we all must come to learn and understand about the president is this: working for him is agonizing and difficult because he is a micro-manager of departments that are larger than the political and social apparatus of some states.

The president runs everything, the whole show.
You head an agency you are working for him first and the American people second.

So what else is new under the sun?

The 90th anniversary Oscar’s extravaganza.

I have always been a movie buff but as I have grown older, the fantasies expressed in modern movies as expressed by Hollywood have come to mean less and less to me.

This is just me, mind you. Hundreds of millions of Americans go to the movies all the time. Less and less in numbers, but still enough to keep the industry profitable, and staring into an uncertain future like everything else under the sun in this great nation.

The Academy Awards were, again, several hours of self righteous, self-congratulation.
The effort to de-white the awards ceremony was perhaps its grandest effort and most effective. It is what the Academy Awards has needed for a decade.

My thought at this point in my life is that the movies are enough for everyone involved.
The Academy Awards don’t have the cache or the meaning they held 25 years ago.

So what else is new in America awakening on this morning in March of 2018?

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