Author Launches Israel @ 70 Series at Manhattan East Synagogue

by Martin Barillas

New York Times best-selling historian Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust, appears March 20 at 7 PM at Manhattan East Synagogue to launch a 15-city lecture series outlining Israel’s history from ancient times to its most recent diplomatic dilemmas. No PowerPoint or slide show is used. Instead, as many as 80 live URLs are used to display that is settled knowledge that anyone can access on the Internet.

The presentation, Israel and International Law—the Historical Underpinnings, was described in one newspaper with this comment: “It was nothing short of spectacular. I thought I had a pretty good amount of knowledge … In reality, I knew almost nothing. Mr. Black gave us an education beyond anyone’s expectations.”

Black has assembled an impressive panel of expert questioners to lead the Q-A session afterword. Manhattan East Synagogue’s Rabbi Elie Abadie will head up the panel, followed by Israel lecturer Ken Abramowitz, and Rambam Mesivta High School Principal Rabbi Yotav Eliach, the author of a forthcoming exhaustive book chronicling the history of Zionism.

Black says, “Bring on the experts. The history projected onto the screen delves deep, and brings numerous threads together in a way that will change the very fabric of understanding most people have for Jewish State and its place in the geo-political word. Even the experts will learn. I myself am constantly updating the visuals.” Award-winning author Black has delivered versions of the presentation to university campuses and synagogues across America, but has freshly updated it to include the latest developments on Jerusalem recognition and Palestinian finance, as well as the significance of Israel at 70.

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