Crying Over the Last Atrocity Not So Important as Identifying the Next One to Come

The outrage over the Florida massacre continues.

And it should.

We find out everyday that nearly everyone in local law enforcement dropped the ball, including the deputy sheriff who did not enter the school while the kids were being slaughtered.

And by the way, that deputy sheriff, who has now resigned, should be put in jail.

The sheriff of Broward County ought to resign as well.

The performance of his entire organization failed to stop the massacre and then failed again when it was happening.

The FBI should be sued, as they will certainly be sued by the parents of the victims.

It will turn out to be one of the largest law suits in the history of the land.

But, and this is the biggest but of them all… while the finger pointing and recriminations go on and on, who is making certain that other massacres aren’t going to happen?

Who is scouring the call bases of the FBI and the Broward County’s Sheriff’s office to identify other lunatics in possession of multiple guns and assault rifles preparing to explode?

Hello? Is anyone home?

Who is scouring neighborhoods and relating to common folks complaining about lunatics living in their midst like the freak who did the Florida massacre?

Who is investigating or is anyone investigating others that have been identified and are out there preparing for a massacre?

Or are we to assume the only thing that matters, as in the Russia investigation, is what happened, not what is going to certainly happen again and doing something, anything, to stop it?

Getting to the bottom of the investigation into the Florida massacre is not nearly so important as identifying the likely perpetrator of the coming next massacre.

And that massacre is coming as sure as I am writing these words at this moment.

It is high time our leaders looked beyond the tip of their noses.

Punishing those who aided in the Florida massacre that happened is not so important at this point as rallying all the forces of civil existence to identify the lunatics among us who have exhibited on social media and in their neighborhoods, the actions of lunatics and homicidal maniacs.

The FBI should be scouring its call base.

Broward County legal authorities should be scouring their call bases.

Every police organization in America should be doing the same.

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