Borscht (or, Three Deep State Sectors now in Conflict)

Charlie Finch, for Respvblica

Mueller’s indictments of the Progozhin operation in St. Petersburg, Russia, across the sea, beg a lot of questions about this RED HERRING, so here goes . . .

Did Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS provide the material to Mueller, backstabbing its erstwhile Russian partner, in order to preserve the “bona fides” of the Steele dossier’s supposed Russian origins, when it was really created by Clintonistas Sid Blumenthal and Cody Shearer?

Were the Progozhin team’s disinfo ops originated in 2014, directed by Obama CIA czar John Brennan, in order to keep Hillary Clinton’s Russian financial ties under control in advance of her becoming President, as an extreme security risk to the Deep State?

Was the fact that the Clintons used US uranium deposits as a safe cutout to raise money from the Russians an initial source of funds for the Progozhin operation which Mueller just “indicted” in order to create cover for the Grassley probe of Susan Rice’s continuing takedown of President Trump?

To quote my cousin by marriage Richard Nixon, let me make a few things perfectly clear: There are 3 distinct sectors of the Deep State in conflict NOW:

  • The Obama loyalists such as Comey, Mueller, Brennan and Rice
  • The current Trump “loyalists” such as Wray, Pompeo, Coats and McMaster, who respect Mueller and distrust Trump
  • The Flynn team, ex-Deep Statees who stayed loyal to General Flynn after Obama fired him as DIA chief; including Jim Woolsey, Bud McFarlane and KT McFarland.

Unlike myself, who is related to Sponge Bob Mueller by marriage, to his Truesdale mother, they are all afraid of the Special Counsel.

Where’s John Hancock and his signature when we need him?

— Charlie Finch

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