Gun Laws Will Not Be Changed: School Kids Must Be Protected

All the high school students walking out of their classes in America at the same time won’t cause the gun laws to be changed in this nation.

Because this is the case, there is only one alternative that makes common sense.

What is that?

Schools, each of them, wherever they are, all over the land, should be protected from shooters committing massacres.

The sooner the better that our schools are made safe.

How are they made safe?

With teachers and administrators at those schools of who feel capable and willing of either carrying arms or having quick access to them in an emergency.

“No. We can’t do this. There can’t be guns in the schools,” so many Americans are quick to say with side to side negative nods of their heads.

Not only can we do this but this must be done. It needs to be done. It cries out to be done.


Ask yourself – without a change in the gun laws — how many more massacres will occur?

We’ve already had 28 in a short period of years.

Should there be 28 more before we figure out how to protect our kids who are being killed like lambs?

And there is another piece to this puzzle we don’t want to approach with our kids — and that is — that 2,000 kids in an American high school should not stampede over one another as their classmates are killed by a single gunman.

The President’s town hall inside the White House the other night was a stunning bit of theater with parents and students crying out about how guns need to be done away with or controlled more stringently.

The plaintive pleas of the kids and their parents resonated but tended to lose their impact when they began to sound like the politicians they were facing.

Kids and parents can’t defeat the politicians not unless there is a nationwide uprising and shutdown of all our schools.

This isn’t going to happen.

Without making efforts, real efforts, to arm a handful of teachers in every school in order to protect the kids in those schools — well — then we just sit and wait for another atrocity, another massacre, another town hall with everyone wondering what the hell do we do?

We learned after 9/11 that when a lunatic terrorist tries to take down an airliner it is time to rise up and overwhelm the lunatic.

This has happened time and gain since 9/11.

This needs to happen in our public schools.

A group of teachers unable to defend themselves shielding students unable to defend themselves from kids causing massacres doesn’t do it.

The nation needs to act now.

Protect the kids inside the schools.

The teachers and or the administrators or the police officers on site must always have the upper hand to stop the bloodshed.

Anything is better than what happened in Florida last week.

Anything — and if you don’t think so — listen to the cries of the parents that lost their kids and the kids who lost their friends.

What’s wrong with us? 

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