Respvblica’s Not a Happy Site? Let’s Get Happy!

A friend said to me yesterday that Respvblica is not a happy space.

“You are always complaining about things,” he said. “There is not much laughter, not much to laugh at. Your space is dour and dark, sometimes reactionary and always unhappy,” he added.

He does have a point.

But then, Respvblica tries to make points everyday about the world we live in, how vastly it has changed, and of the problems we face moving forward into the future.

I quite write about the pivot right that came along with President Trump.

I enjoy the pivot right because it unsettles everyone in this nation wanting everyone to think and act the same way.

I was one of those, who thought we should all think the same way for the benefit of the nation.

I am now able to see the difference between the two spaces most of us wish to reside in.

One space is where everything liberal is right and just, according to liberals.

The other space is where everything conservative is right and just, according to conservatives — a space liberals decrie because people living in this space don’t think the way liberals do.


The funny stuff that somehow evades Respbvlica is not because we cannot be funny, rather, because we don’t feel much of what is going on is funny to begin with.

So why laugh at things that aren’t funny?

With us, life is all about a free thinking, uncensored debate.

What’s funny about this is that much of the world is tied up in censorship, an effort to bludgeon free thinking and to stop debate of every kind in order to keep societies regimented and controlled.

One of the great comedies going on right now is the Russia probe.

Some of us believe this probe is funny, fairly ridiculous and unlikely to come up with much more than Russians wanting to influence our elections.

We think it is funny the United States in its mightiness can only complain that Russia has fooled with some aspects of our free society rather than to fight back or to do something similar with Russia’s society using tactics the Russians use on us.

In the split society we live in today such a solution is not possible.

The Russia investigation is what matters most to liberals and which piques conservatives.

President Trump is quite funny, we think.

His Tweets offer an incredible insight into social media and its power.

What is most funny are the repeated expressed hopes by the other side that he stop Tweeting because it isn’t appropriate for an American president to control social media the way he does.

Of all the things we find funny here at Respvblica, this is the funniest of them all.

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