What if the Fire Department Doesn’t Answer the Call Twice?

President Trump has been ridiculed by the liberal press and even by some of his fellow Republicans for making claims about the FBI’s effectiveness following the most recent mass murder in a public school.

But what if the Los Angeles or New York fire departments didn’t respond twice to an alarm and 17 people died?

Firefighters might well end up going to prison for allowing such a catastrophe to happen.

Meanwhile, the FBI is getting a free ride from the liberal media.

Investigating what exactly happened will suffice for the liberal media much more concerned with gun control.

I am also concerned with gun control but in this instance, the massacre could have been stopped by the FBI but it wasn’t.

The massacre happened because of the FBI’s inability to check out two very incriminating and unadorned messages indicating the shooter in the most recent massacre was going to do what he did.

Make no mistake, once the funerals have ended and the parents of the dead have had a while to think, they will all agree to join together in a suit of the FBI.

That suit will likely be the largest civil suit against the FBI in the history of the agency.

In addition, there might be just cause for a criminal suit against those agents and FBI administrators who were either too busy or too pre-occupied by other matters to check out messages about a monster who ended up committing an act of savagery that has rocked the nation.

The FBI couldn’t have stopped the other massacres before this one.

But they could have and should have stopped this one.

If the FBI hadn’t been asleep at the wheel, this massacre would not have happened.

The AR15 the murderer used would have been confiscated as well as the other five weapons he bought if the FBI had been paying closer attention.

Had the FBI followed up the messages, the murderer would have certainly been taken into custody for questioning.

His social media sites would have been studied as well.

He would have been locked up in a full security mental ward to protect him from hurting himself as well as others.

The massacre in Florida would not have happened.

Where is Don Lemon when we need him?

Where is Jake Tapper?

Where is MSNBC and public radio?

Last but best, what is Governor John Kasinich complaining about President Trump for?

The cries for gun control are more vociferous than ever before following this massacre.

There should be cries for the FBI to be held accountable for its ineptitude in this matter.

Remember, what would happen if the fire department in any community was called twice and didn’t answer the call and 17 people died?

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