I’m Not Sure There is a Way to Stop the Mass Killings

There is something sad and hopeless about a society that is indifferent to the long list of savage mass murders inside our public schools. It is a long and wearying list, growing, a cause for depressive thoughts across the land.

Some of us want to ban assault weapons and the AR-15 used by the deranged kid who did the killings in Florida.

Certainly, goes the thinking, it could stop the carnage — but it won’t.

Improving our reach toward those losing their minds or already out of control of them might stop these sick people from committing such horrible atrocities.

There is no reasonable way of identifying all of those wishing to do harm to others who are living amongst us. Even our best efforts are doomed to failure.

How about the FBI not reacting to two very explicit tips that were left on its line about this mass murderer?

“Oh. We missed these messages. We are investigating how this happened. We are as distraught as the parents of the dead children?” one FBI agent remarked.

The FBI is supposed to be like the local fire department — never missing a call.

The FBI missed two.

This is a horror show. The kids, in this instance, died because the FBI let this kid go, even worse, never investigated him.

The FBI aided in these innocent kids deaths.

Where does this leave us?

Perhaps we arm responsible people inside our schools to protect the kids, and themselves.

Oh we can’t do that can we? 

What is more shocking, more and more mass murders inside our public schools with kids slaughtered like lambs, and teachers throwing themselves on top of their students, sacrificing their own lives or an end to being inside public schools unprotected?

Are we to never arm ourselves or make our kids safer by changing our gun laws or to take care of those who are mentally ill?

Is it wrong for teachers and administrators to have guns or to have access to guns while working inside our public schools?

Let’s not allow more and more of these atrocities by failing to arm ourselves against mass murderers whenever they strike.

If these tragedies are happening again and again, how can we not arm ourselves to protect our children?

Do we change nothing to see our children die like lambs or do we take action?

We need more protection for our kids.

Gun control efforts will fail.

Helping identify the mentally ill helps.

The FBI doing its job is an imperative.

Mass murderers inside our public schools need to be taken down instantly.

You can’t call the police when a mass murderer is doing his thing.

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