Wife-Beater Porter Tossed Out of White House; His Life is Justifiably in Tatters — What Next?

Those of us who have worked in Washington DC for congressmen, senators and inside the White House understand this — it is as high as you can climb if you like the bill of fare served up in all three.

For White House rising star Rob Porter, the serial woman beater who has just been revealed and removed rather clumsily by the White House, the future is not just dim, but dark.

Whether or not White House officials knew of Porter’s background when he was hired will be hashed out in the arena of public discourse by a very aggressive national media.

General John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, finds himself in a hurricane of difficulties because he allegedly knew all the circumstances about Porter’s woman beating – and did nothing about it.

What exactly happened and how Porter was allowed a security clearance is baffling to say the least and infuriating for women and for men who are not woman beaters.

This storm is being called a debacle by CNN and the liberal press. This oversight by those who are responsible for tossing those who do not meet clearance standards is worthy of all the attention it gets.

In today’s environment, where women beating men are finally being put on notice, Porter’s violence against women is incompatible with him working with women just about anywhere, let alone the White House.

So what happens to Porter, not that anyone cares, is a matter that all human beings who care about other human beings should care about.

Porter is now and likely for the rest of his miserable life, persona non grata.

He has been publicly disgraced.

He has been fired.

In his apartment or wherever he is living, he is likely locked inside wondering what the hell he can do with his life now that he has been revealed.

Even though he has been revealed, he still has a life.

But he will never in 1,000 years work inside the White House again or on Capitol Hill or for a congressman, senator, governor, state rep or even inside a small town hall.

His life is in ruins.

He is finished.

What do people like Porter do when they are revealed and they realize the game is up and they are finished?

They tend to spiral downward.

This isn’t about Porter losing all his money and setting himself up for a comeback.

Porter is finished, done, collapsed, ruined, disgraced with nowhere to go.

But then this is 21st Century America.

Even a serial woman beater has a chance to rehabilitate himself… or does he?

Perhaps he could work with therapists specializing in woman beating men, and then rise again as the poster boy for healed woman beaters?

He could head a national crusade or a national campaign to call out all wife beating and woman beating men and to become the fulcrum upon which the effort rests?

Easier said than done.

Most likely he will drift downward, ultimately cascading drearily to levels most of us could not imagine.

Some people would say he is getting the worst punishment a guy like him can receive and what is that — exactly what he deserves!

What if he hurts himself or attempts things we cannot print or mention?

When does his suffering stop?

When does his life start anew?

Is there redemption for Rob Porter?

And what about the women he has beaten?

Can they ever be whole again?

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  1. Anne Zagorski says:

    In this fake phony hateful political environment, the likes of a President Bill Clinton, the ultimate sexual predator was allowed to continue on his merry way. This monster was encouraged and sanctioned by the very same women who are looking to take down this White House. Garbage like the Clintons have thrived. This Porter guy does not have this support. He can redeem himself. He should not feel this is the end!

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